Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tribute to the 1955 Kristallnacht of Constantinople

My Greek Odyssey, in "Kristallnacht in Constantinople", first published in September/October 2007 issue of Greek America Magazine, is paying tribute to history in an important post on the all but forgotten 1955 pogrom of Constantinople, for which the Nazi Kristallnacht stood as a model.

It is important, not just because the pogrom finally destroyed the remaining vestiges of Hellenistic Byzantium in Constantinople, both in physical and psychological sense; it is also relevant today as myths are purposely erected to 'sell' postmodern geopolitical developments, which are presented, not as man-made policies but as inevitable Acts of God, or Hegelian 'historical events': the 'multicultural society that is upon us' and the creation of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural super-states at the expense of nations, also known as transnational progressivism.

For one, the fairy tale for the Utopian hard of hearing is crushed to smithereens, that Muslims would 'respect' the peoples of The Book and that Jesus, as a Muslim 'Prophet', is as untouchable as Mohammed himself, or so it is implied. The photos in the post by Demetrios Kaloumenos make it plain - what is already known to anyone with eyes willing to see - that expressions of Judeo-Christian civilization - in 1955, as in the present - are hardly tolerated in any part of the Dar-al-Islam.

Another piece of nonsense, designed to make the avant-garde of multiculturalism sleep quietly in their beds at night collapses under the weight of the evidence of history: that of the blessings of the dhimmi status. Whereas the postmodern approach to history is on the one hand "a collection of wave after wave of ethnic cleansing", it is simultaneously believed that Jews, Christians and Muslims have lived happily together for centuries, under the all-seeing eye of the Ottoman Caliphate.

My Greek Odyssey concludes that "The Turkish government, press, and nation 'justified' this savagery on the false pretext that the Greeks had bombed the house of Ataturk in Thessaloniki. In reality the Greeks had not placed the bomb in the Turkish consular complex in that city on September 6. It had been put there by a Turk, in collusion with the Turkish government, in order to provide the pretext for a carefully laid plan to destroy the houses, the businesses, the property, the churches, the schools, the newspapers of the Greeks in Constantinople. It was a "logical" sequence (in Turkish minds) to the oppressive Varlik Vergisi of 1942-1943, a Turkish confiscatory law which destroyed the economic bases of the Greek, Turkish and other minority communities. The pogrom of 1955 was a Turkish "success" as it finally destroyed the ancient Hellenism of Constantinople, both in physical and psychological dimensions. >>>

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