Sunday, April 13, 2008

Global Status Report

Today's headlines are screaming for attention, and which one should be first in the line of fire. The most optimistic one comes from the escapist socialight section and deals with La Spears, who's been in a minor traffic accident. From there on the overall picture deteriorates rapidly. In no particular order ...

From the Religion of Peace: frankly, what's worse? The death cult itself, or naive Christians of the relativist variety, who labour under the cyclic fallacy that "no religion is ever 'wrong', otherwise it would not be a religion, and since Islam is a religion ..." (seriously!).

- CNN: "Report: Deadly blast in Iran caused by munitions"

An explosion in a southern Iranian mosque that killed 10 people and wounded 160 after evening prayers Saturday night was caused by negligent handling of live munitions, not a bomb as first suspected, Iranian media reported. (...) The police commander said the munitions were apparently left behind after a "Sacred Defense" exhibition was held at the mosque, which also serves as a cultural center. Local militia groups - known as Basij - often use the mosques for meeting places. (...) >>>

... the MSM are here to inform us (as they "want to") ... as if the Basij are the local equivalent of the boy scouts! Read Matthias Küntzel about the death worshippers!

- CNN: "Britain warns terror threat is worsening"

British anti-terror officials are monitoring some 2,000 people and are following hundreds of networks in an effort to keep the country safe, Britain's Home Secretary warned (...) "We now face a threat level that is severe. It's not getting any less, it's actually growing," Smith wrote (...) >>>

How does that tally with David Pryce-Jones' article? Do we get the governments we deserve? Those who voted them in office - no less than three times - certainly do. Trouble is, there's no second Maggy to clear up this unholy mess! It may well be too late for that anyway! Brown meanwhile, appears to in free fall ... that's a start!

- National Review Online: "The Future of Europe", by David Pryce-Jones - Hat Tip Sam Holliday

A small, brave band of commentators (commanding officer : Mark Steyn) argue that Europe has lost the will to survive, that its contribution to civilisation lies only in the past, and so the more vital and assertive Muslims are bound one day to take over the continent. The story of Abu Qatada gives credence to this dark prospect. The way that Britain has handled this man is not just incompetent, or a revelation of bureaucratic flaws, but a cautionary tale about a nation losing control of its fate. (...) >>>

And to renew my point about the Marxist dialectic being alive and kicking in the third millennium, where are the human rightists in support of this man, and in protest against the terrorcracy unleashed on the peoples of Africa?

- CNN: "Zimbabwe braces for strike; summit takes on vote crisis"

Zimbabwe's opposition party called for a general strike to start Tuesday, the day after the country's High Court is due to decide whether to force publication of presidential election results, a party spokesman said Saturday. (...) >>>

... while this is also fine - at least there are no zombies in the streets, protesting Red Terror replacing Blue Terror! As has been established in the past, Rousseauian Agrarianism is a worthy custodian of democratic principles and human rights. Enjoy the 'historic' elections while they last. Reminds me of the definition of stupidity. Repeating something over and over, each time expecting a different outcome.

- CNN: "Maoists early leaders in Nepal elections"

The former communist rebels known as Maoists (!) my emphasis)emerged Sunday as early leaders in Nepal's historic elections for an assembly that could formally abolish a 240-year monarchy. (...) >>>

Today's picture ... U.S., enjoy the edification - you can ask the philosopher anything about Obamaism: postmodernism, the fallacies of relativism and liberation theology, and the dialectic!


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