Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yes, We Cancun: 'modest' deal for $100,000,000,000

First, there's the utter hypocrasy of these socialist watermelons. Still, they know how to pull off a heist.

The 'modest' package of climate projects negotiated at the flesh pots of Cancun will make the biblical amount of 100 billion dollar change hands, payble till 2020 by the Western tax payer and receivable by the developing world.

How's that for global socialism?

This is justifiied by our 'climate debt', sustained since the Industrial Revolution, which gave us civilization as we know it.

Information Liberation has a great post by Lord Monckton, detailing how we got here. Don't forget to read the bit about the illusive one worlder, Maurice 'Blofeld' Strong.

In "The Abdication of the West" Lord Monckton describes what we are doing on the national level, by virtually committing suicide in adopting the corrupt philosophy of relativism and the vile process of political correctness, is happening here on the transnational level.

- 4-Block World, by Tom McMahon
Read it all in the Telegraph: "Cancun meeting reaches climate change agreement", by Louise Gray, Environment Correspondent
The Cancun climate change talks closed in the early hours of Saturday morning with an agreement aimed at stopping climate change.

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