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The Revolution Has Begun (updates)

Update: December 14, 2010

This article is typical of the spin of Wikileaks supporters. Some were as early as last week calling for the incarceration of Geert Wilders for offending Muslims. Today these fake Libertarians claim to be free speech fundamentalists!

The Guardian: "WikiLeaks backlash: The first global cyber war has begun, claim hackers"

You'd think this is a postmodern Robin Hood at work, all for the sake of 'democracy', openness and freedom.


If you think so, think again. A short survey of YouTube learns that "Operation Payback" by the hivemind Anonymous (not to be confused with a cause to raise awareness for veterans) has been in the works since the beginning of September, if not months longer. It has little to do with the arrest of Wilkileaks boss, Julian Assange.

Indeed, Anonymous has in the past launched cyper attacks in support of perceived 'anti racist' causes (the Habbo raids, the Hall Turner raid), Project Chanology was against the Church of Scientology for their claim of copyright infringement, and a host of other supposed causes 'against the will of the people'. The Chanology project even sparked a series of actual, physical protests.

The only causes one could possibly applaud would be the one against sexual internet predator, Chris Forcand and the support of Iran's Green Wave movement.

This video, released by Anonymous one month ago, is filled to the brim with Marxist memes and anarchist themes: the poor and oppressed, workers and persons in need, vie for attention with Big Media, massive capitalist enterprises and The Evil Capitalist Power Structure.

If you think this is against those in power, you are sadly mistaken. This is against those in power, other than Marxists.

To the intrepid citizen the attacks of Anynomous and Wikileaks are no surprise. After the assaults yesterday on Paypal, MoneyBookers and Master Card (all 'capitalist' symbols) and a Swedish governmental site (power structure), today in the Netherlands the Prosecution Office and a police portal (power structure) have been taken down in retaliation of a 16 year old who was taken into custody for participating in the first assaults.

Anonymous and Wikileaks are not the sole organizations using the Internet as a revolutionary weapon. Avaaz has adopted the typical Marxist victimhood pose and has started a petition asking people for support against "the vicious intimidation campaign against WikiLeaks".

Typically it is demanding respect of democratic principles while it supports a cause that goes roughshod over every other principle of moral conduct.

The 'student revolt' in the streets of London is no coincidence either. Last night even a car, carrying Prince Charles and his wife Camilla was viciously attacked.

The newly elected right wing Dutch government is bracing for similar 'student' protests due to plans to rationalize funding of higher education.

The Coming Insurrection* indeed has been in the works for years. It is rooted in the anti Iraq war movement and has since gone underground. From time to time it rears its ugly head. We have seen them in the streets of Athens, Marseilles, Paris and elsewhere (dossier).

The threat earlier this week to 'explode a bomb' if Wikileaks honcho, Julian Assange would be arrested, has sprouted from a mind (hive or otherwise) with a mafia mentality. Indeed, Wikileaks publishing diplomatic material and sensitive terrorist targets that seriously endangers the lives of people should be enough to convince anyone of the real nature of these anarchist groups.

Their cause isn't freedom for We The People, but anarchy and mayhem resulting in tyranny. Don't fall for it!

* A German translation of "The Coming Insurrection" has now become available. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Süddeutche Zeitung are besides themselves with enthousiasm! The left-wing paper taz, however, describes the pamphlet, as 'decidedly right-wing'. Read it all in Signandsite.


Libertarians appear to be confused on the issue. Objectivists shouldn't be: Ayn Rand was clear on anarchism.

The title of my book and the blog is The Path to Tyranny. The book describes how the demand for free gifts from the government leads to tyranny. But this road does not always lead straight to tyranny. It often falls into anarchy first. (...) This is the real reason so many today advocate anarchy and anti-globalization. They do not really want anarchy. Instead, they want to establish a situation which would call for immediate order, to be established by the government and "intellectual elites." First stage is anarchy, second is totalitarianism. These "anarchists" hope they can direct events towards socialism, as they successfully did in Russia in the 1910s and attempted to do in Italy and Germany, though other collectivist regimes beat out the socialists and communists, though both the Fascists and Nazis adopted socialist platforms to win favor among the people. (...) >>>

- Telegraph: "WikiLeaks: Julian Assange 'could face spying charges'"
- Telegraph: "Anarchist groups threaten to target Royal Wedding"
- Telegraph: "Alan Johnson 'amazed' at Royal couple police protection communication breakdown"

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Update December 12, 2010

Wikileaks support and imperatives to 'openness' are nothing but cheap cover that is hiding virulent anti Americanism. Even the 'military industrial complex' has come out of the moth balls.

Hive mind Anonymous has left a socialist calling card. The name "describes a way of communicating and promoting social change", a postmodern shibboleth for socialism.

Oh, nice! Wikileaks falling apart over leaks and its finances -

Wikileaks is facing questions over its finances as lawyers for its alleged main source, Pte Bradley Manning, said they had not seen a penny of tens of thousands of dollars raised by the site to help pay for his defence and promised to them three months ago. (...) Mr Domscheit-Berg and other ex-WikiLeaks staff will tomorrow launch a rival site, OpenLeaks, which promises to be "democratically governed by its members, rather than one group or individual." WikiLeaks was unavailable for comment (...) >>>

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