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Is the Palace Coup Against Geert Wilders Failing?

Continued from part 2: "The Palace Coup Against Geert Wilders, Round 2"

Slowly but surely it's becoming apparent how the Dutch establishment, commonly referred to as 'the regents', led by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and her chief advisors, are neutralizing the election results in which the Right wing liberal party (VVD) and Islam critic, Geert Wilders (PVV) emerged as winners.

But tactical errors have been made, primarily by the Left's major protagonist, Labor leader and multicultural aficionado, Job Cohen, the former Mayor of Amsterdam. After having explored and rejected the initial plan to form a grand coalition with three Leftist parties, Cohen insisted talks to go ahead to explore the possibilities of a Rightist cabinet.

He did so for the sole reason, that as long as the possibility was unexplored, it remained a serious option that could be exploited in negotiations. Cohen should have taken his profits long before then. All else - including heading a Leftist coalition as Prime Minister - proved many bridges too far. So the leaders of the Christian Democrats (CDA) and the Center-Right Liberal party (VVD) started unofficial talks last week with Geert Wilders, the Eurosceptic Islam critic.

- Caption: Leftist whiners by Coontje

As was to be expected, the parties found common ground in an anti-Keynesian approach to the economy, fiscal and social responsibility and free enterprise with less rules and regulations. They informed the Queen's emissary, Ruud Lubbers this weekend that formal negotiations will be starting as of Monday with the view of forging a minority government, supported in Parliament by Wilders' PVV Party.

The Left almost immediately exploded in a combination of whining, theatrical drama and ferocious attack, framed around matters of statecraft and the immorality and unconstitutionality of Islam criticism. Epithets like a 'Rightist coup', and a 'minority dictatorship' aren't shunned. A Parliamentary debate is on the role for Wednesday in the presence of Lubbers, and some are calling for parallel talks between Leftist parties

So, here we have bigotted Leftists who've never had any qualms about ripping into hereditary royalty and who - for decades - have been ridiculing Christianity without merci! The same hypocrites are now holloring about the 'sacrilege of a Holy Book' (meaning the Koran) and the Queen's orders being dissed in favor of the primacy of Parliamentary politics. So far the whining.

The second line of attack is far more insidious. It is framed around Wilders attack on Islam that is - they allege - infringing on the constitutional rule of law. It touches the non-discrimination article, as well as the freedom of conscience and expression. In the postmodern approach, Islam is a religion or an ideology like any other and should be respected as such (except Christinity of course, which is uniquely evil). Inconvenient realities and historical and scriptorial evidence to the contrary, is typically ignored and evaded.

In truth, any ideology - and that includes religion - should never be elevated above critique like Islam is trying to accomplish. It's cover for the lack of individual responsibility in the Umma, who's core activity is the institutional discrimination of kaffirs, or infidels, unbelievers, the Dar-El-Harb or the eparchy of war (only in submission to Islam is peace).

But the Left has been showing its totalitarian roots lately by positioning all opposition morally beyond the pale! This, dear readers, is the stuff of tyranny and mob rule.

Let's have a look at this invective today in the Leftist media bulwark De Volkskrant. "Black Friday", by the self-styled historian Jan Dirk Snel is anything, if not theatrical. The title is in reference to the news announced yesterday of the formal negotiations between the three Rightist parties. Get this drama:
"Friday July 30 2010 is already known as Black Friday. It is beyond doubt the blackest day in Dutch history since May 4, 1945 [sic] (although we don't know yet what's ahead). It is the day in which some Dutch political parties have infringed upon a basic principle.
The main gist is this: Wilders should be dealt with like the Communists were. Not only is Wilders crossing a constitutional line, but so are the two party leaders who've accepted his 'abject ideas' implicitly by entering into talks with Wilders. Apparently Leftists do understand the notion that negotiating with an immoral party renders one complicit. I wish they'd remember that next time when they advocate talking to the Islamofascists of Iran and their proxies in Syria, Turkey, Venezuela and Palestine, to name but a few.

Point is, Wilders isn't an immoral party but one which defends Western values against the onslaughts of an intolerant, supremacist ideology. In this repect the historian's subconscious mistake that Friday was the worst day since the country was liberated from Nazi occupation is telling, because indeed, the same people would have defended Nazism as well as "an ideology like any other"; Chamberlain thought so too when he negotiated the Munich Agreement with Corporal Hitler.

Enough said on the basic intellectual dishonesty of the Leftist argument and the obnoxious moralistic tone by which they are already whipping up hatred in their base. Some are planning action as we speak and are calling for the three party leaders to be tried for ... what? I'm not sure, but give them a day or so and they'll have reinstored the crime of sedition.

Those who support the Right are not buying it any more. It's rhetoric, drama, narrative, Sorelian myth-making, Marxist dialectic, and all the other sophistry we've been hearing from the anti Western, counter Enlightenment totalitarians since the days of Kant and Hegel. Looks like we're done at last.

The next few weeks will be crucial for fundamental change in the Netherlands, a country that has been ruled by Leftist regents for donkey years. About one thing we can be sure: opposition will be no less fierce and toxic than the stuff we've come to know as Bush Derangement Syndrome. No method or tactic will be left untried. The end justifies the means: the enemy deserves it!


- Wall Street Journal: "Center-Right Parties Enter Talks For Minority Dutch Govt"
- Canadian Press: "Talks on forming new centrist ruling Dutch coalition collapse amid policy disagreements"


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