Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Revolutionary Brigades for Collective Salvation

What a brilliant idea! Let's redo the failed 1968 revolution, but let's get it right this time now that the fellow travelers have arrived through the institutions ...

The Guardian/The Observer: "Greece will be a war zone, Sect of Revolutionaries warns tourists"

Security forces fear wave of terror as austerity programme provokes strikes, protests, violence – and assassination

Greek security forces have warned of a wave of violence reminiscent of the terror that stalked Italy in the seventies after urban guerillas threatened last week to turn the country into a "war zone".

"Greece has entered a new phase of political violence by anarchist-oriented organisations that are more murderous, dangerous, capable and nihilistic than ever before," said Athanasios Drougos, a defence and counter-terrorism analyst in Athens.

"For the first time we are seeing a nexus of terrorist and criminal activity," he said. "These groups don't care about collateral damage, innocent bystanders being killed in the process. They are very extreme."

The threats came from a guerrilla group called the Sect of Revolutionaries, as it claimed credit for the murder of Sokratis Giolas, an investigative journalist. Giolas was shot dead outside his Athenian home on 19 July, in front of his pregant wife. (...) >>>

"We don't do politics, we do guerrilla warfare"

"The Coming Insurrection", by The Invisible Committee

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