Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Palace Coup Against Geert Wilders, Round Two

Continued from Part I: "How the Dutch Establishment Defused Wilders".

Slowly but surely it's becoming apparent how the Dutch establishment, commonly referred to as 'the regents', led by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and her chief advisors, are neutralizing the election results in which the right wing liberal party (VVD) and Islam critic, Geert Wilders (PVV) emerged as winners.

A majority right wing coalition with the Christian Democrates (CDA) was initially indicated. But the CDA were the major losers in this election and assumed the role of modest bystander. The CDA sports a vocal left wing, as well as a host of transnational progressivist elder statesmen. All vehemently oppose Wilders, whom they view of as a morally repugnant populist.

- Caption: regents of the Amsterdam orphanage by Cornelis Troost (1729) - 

They view Islam as perhaps a slightly petulant, adolescent form of Christianity. Their refusal to participate in a coalition with the Wilders party is entirely based on a narrative that covers their refusal to deal with the unwelcome truth about the Islamic ideology.

The initiative to form a coalition for the moment rests with the largest party in Parliament, the right wing Liberal party, VVD led by the nation's most elligible bachelor, Mark Rutte. But Socialists are already beating the drum of "biggest party's having first choice isn't a right, but a custom: now move over for our man to have a go at political musical chairs".

The first round in Operation Defuse Wilders consisted in the all powerful Vice President of the Council of State, 'Vice Roy' Herman Tjeenk Willink (in truth an ordinary career socialist), being appointed king maker. But the modus operandi in this palace coup proved a bit too obvious. Her Majesty is currently speaking softly of being sorry that some of her wayward subjects got the feeling of deliberately being side lined.

- Caption: Right wing Liberal party (VVD) leader, Mark Rutte -

This notion was underscored by a short sentence in Tjeenk Willink's advice to the Queen that the Minister's countersignature on Parliamentary Bills could be withheld if "the principles of the democratic rule of law, the international position of the Netherlands, or basic financial policies are at stake". This effectively sidelines any  initiatives that might prove embarrassing to the official transnational progresssivist agenda.

In round two of this operation to de-fang Wilders, Her Majesty once again threw advice of political leaders to the four corners of the wind and appointed as second king maker, this time Ruud Lubbers, a personal confidant, elder statesman, and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, who was summarily compelled to relinquish that post for infamously groping an American feminazi.

Even the Socialist leader is pressing to please investigate the possibilities of a Rightist government, for the simple reason that it hasn't proved untenable and is therefore still an unexplored option. Wilders is going to have his fangs drawn once and forgood.

The Lubbers M.O. is two pronged. The official line is, we'll talk to all parties, all options are open, dispelling the 'conspiracy theory' that Wilders was purposefully side tracked, in itself proof positive of the progressivists' disdain for the people's intelligence.

- Caption: Queen Beatrix purturbed by the view of Mark Rutte becoming PM, by Ruben L. Oppenheimer

At the same time Lubbers is distancing himself from exploring a Right wing coalition on the ground that one option is a minority coalition, the so called Danish option, which is formally not part of his assignment. He can play this game under the cover of the knowledge that his own party (CDA) prefers a center government with the Liberals and the Socialists. But Lubbers' own party leader will be left holding the smoking gun that killed the chances of a center right Government.

While the establishment might succeed in neutralizing Wilders and the Freedom Party it will not survive this operation without seriously soiling itself. It comes at the price of having its often touted democratic credentials exposed as vacuous. It's now clear for all to see that the regent class may have its differences in degrees, but as soon as an outsider asserts itself and starts forming a potential threat to the traditional disbursement of power and jobs, the ruling class sticks together.

This meritocratic nomenklatura is steeped in history and has its wellies firmly planted in Dutch polder clay and in circles of water management. It is a cabal which has its tentacles in government, politics, big corporations, pension funds, unions, employers associations and professional self-governing organizations, transnational progressivists with interests in Europe and the UN, including environmental and philanthropic NGOs.

The political landscape isn't atomized as they claim, it's merely laid bare that the country is and always has been a biotope for reactionary Hegelians and crypto Counter Enlightenment operatives.


Leaders of the CDA and VVD have been caught dining last night. Just as I started a twaction (action on Twitter) to encourage the CDA along with an email campaign, the news broke that almost all CDA parliamentarians have given their blessings to the talks.  It also turned out that the segment of the party that most morally condemns Wilders as the second coming of Adolf Hitler, is heavily involved in Leftist causes that receives millions of euros in state subsidies. This one I like particularly: a former chairwomen is receiving 2 million as Head of the Twin City Association Netherlands-Nicaragua!

- Part I: "How the Dutch Establishment Defused Wilders"


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