Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Women of the Iranian Vanguard

After Veterans and Remembrance Day it is once again opportune we turn our attention to tyranny elsewhere - Iran.

Although the danger exists the protestors of the Green Revolt are merely exchanging an Islamofascist collective for one of a different brand, that is a chance we'll have to take right now. They have been pushed under the Obama bus, victims of a deeply erratic foreign policy. Can someone please get the Obama from underneath that thick layer of egg?

We need to keep up exposing the crimes of the regime. Dutch-Iranian refugee, pundit and Leiden University lecturer Afshin Ellian, has another important post up on Elsevier. Here follows a free translation.

Fundamentalist Muslims Hate Women

The entire regime is in question. There are many dead and wounded; hundreds of protestors have been arrested. Primarily women.

Protestors have also addressed American foreign policy. Not against the country, but the President: "Obama, Obama, are you with us or with them?"

[Grim video material of street clashes moved to file.]

While Obama has already written two dear-Iranian-leader letters, the people themselves have called on him to support them instead. American foreign policy is called into question.

The world has noticed the role of women in the revolt against the Islamists. Also last week women took the lead. Oxfort University has instituted a philosophy scholarship in the name of Neda.

The Revolutionary Guard (RG) is prepared to crack down hard. A boy in Isfahan was shot to death as he prepared to enter his home.

Also the Basij militia is unleashed on the people. These Iranian brownshirts are being recruited from outposts and jails. They are often common criminals. Various sources have told me that on November 4th every Basij pocketed 400 dollars for services rendered ... the killing of citizens.

I heard they were particularly tough on women. One of the leaders of the opposition, Karoubi, has confirmed this. Pictures are shocking. In this footage a woman is attacked by a RG member called Mohammad Jawad Ebrahimi. The man who shot the film is employed by the security services. The pictures of course were shot to prosecute the women, not the guardsman.

Elsewhere in a parking garage a wounded woman is being treated. Why do these Muslim fundamentalists hate women so much? And why were they ordered to target them?Well, women are in de vanguard of the battle for liberty and democracy.

This film shows an almost unislamic scene. "Death to Khamenei" is painted on the wall. A woman directs a crowd in chant: "He (the leader) who claims to be just, is a liar and a murderer."

This is why they hate women. They are the leaders of this Green Revolt. There's no stopping them.

- More posts by Afshin Ellian on the situation in Iran


James Higham said...

Well, it goes without saying that it is against women.

Richard Chartrand said...

Cassandra, Excellent post... I will look forward to future ones... we're on the same page!

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