Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lest We Forget ...

... that heroes fight with purpose:
freedom, exceptional and frail.
Boast not too quick of peace;
No value worth dying for
Existance void, being to no avail.
Never forget ...

"In Flanders Fields", a poem by Capt. John D. McCrae

The story of the poppy
During the Napoleonic wars, it was observed that the fields were bright with colorful red poppies before a battle. Strangely enough, it was discovered that the bombardment of these fields helped the poppy to grow! John McCrae's poem became popular in 1915 and by 1918, Moina Michael began to weave poppies in remembrance of those who had died in WWI while working at the YMCA canteen. Madame Guerin learned of this in 1920 when she visited New York from France. On her return home, she began making poppies to earn money for the children of veterans and the worn torn Europe. The USA tends to wear poppies on Memorial Day while other countries (e.g., Canada, etc.) wear them in November.

On the Lighthouse: Veterans Day with Norah Jones.



I think we do a great disservice not teaching much about WWI in schools. It has effected our world more than any other war.

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