Saturday, November 14, 2009

Obama, As Good As His Word (on GITMO)

Bringing the 9/11 Soldiers of Allah to a civilian Court in New York - a thousand yards removed from where the towers once proudly stood - was one of the most cherished wishes of the anti America front, from tranzie centrists, to the dimwitted Left and the mentally debilitated anti war brigade.

Now, in power, President Obama is as good as his pre election word - on this point at least.

Apparently with a reference to their occupation of choice in the world of business, the victims of 9/11 in the eyes of psychotic postmodernists are merely "little Eichmanns", dimishing their interests to the point of irrelevance. Moreover, the wish to see politically correct justice done trumps New York as a prime platform for an Islamist propaganda tool. So Attorney-General Eric Holder announced this week to go ahead with it anyway.

The message came against the backdrop of four recently averted terrorist assaults, and the media spectable surrounding the Fort Hood massacre which practically resulted in a parallel reality, so unshaken is the constructed narrative.

All the evidence of Muslim involvement was censored into oblivion; Pre Traumatic Stress Syndrome was spontaneously discovered. To date the narrative is that the Major is a lone, isolated, over-worked and under-paid psychopath of which there are many, many others. The "logic": if you are able to willfully ignore the evidence of terrorist infrastructure behind the attack, the theory of a lone loon stands. Any sleeper cells or self-ignitors can rest assured they will ever be connected to Islamic terrorism.

No one has as yet acknowledged, let alone commented or explained, the truly amazing coincidence of Major Hasan being on the Obama transition team. You can't make this stuff up!
Update on Nov. 17: Presidential Transition Task force on Homeland Security reacting to Major Hasan's participation.

The greatest insight into the Muslim mindset came from Major Hasan himself: he thought Muslim military personnel should be exempted from deployment in Iraq or Afghanistan because obviously "Muslims shouldn't be killing Muslims", something they do on a daily basis on a heartwrenching scale justifying it by religious ordainment; but it also implies the message, it's okay to kill anyone else.

There's really no advantage in having the trial of the 9/11 terrorists in New York, other than the Obama throwing his far Leftist base a bone. The prosecution of CIA operatives apparently has whetted their heavily politized appetites (the Left loves purges).

It's all the holier-than-thou attitude of transnational ideology at the expense of the safety of the American people (all bigoted, middle class Eichmanns, so who cares?). As if justice by military Tribunal is somehow inferior to justice brought by a civilian Court.

Needless to say that the progressive transnationalists assembled in the UN and NGO'ism are mumbling approval. This is after all what the revulsion of the Bush administration was all about. But they won't have to bear the responsibilities of the umpteeth consecutive mistake piled on by Team Obama.

Of the many reasons why this counts as another enormity, let's just highlight one aspect in particular: to abandon the War on Terrorism paradigm for a matter of law enforcement. As Dr Walid Phares, Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies explains, the 9/11 Commission itself defined the event an act of war and found the US at fault for not having determined it as such.

PJTV: "Worms Headed for the Big Apple: Dr. Walid Phares on the Terrorists Going to Trial in New York City"

Terrorism has just become a win/win/win proposition for the Islamist hirabahists: if you succeed, all is well and you find your carnal reward in heaven; should you be preempted you earn yourself a prime propaganda and recruitment tool on a first class site at maximum media exposure.

Caroline Glick in an unrelated case recently explained the mistake of handling terrorism as a law enforcement issue. As it happens, Team Obama just nixed the Global War on Terror paradigm altogether, substituting it for an array of vacuous, postmodern epithets of the Hope-and-Change variety.

Listing the overwhelming disadvantages of this course of action is enough to make you want to drop out of the discourse, like Red Square, who's seen it all happen before back in the USSR. He's showing it for what it is, and getting a wee bit snarky:

The People's Cube: "Hell yeah, shut Gitmo and ship'em to my neighborhood!"

The dangerous ramifications of this move are all too obvious; we're not even going to discuss them here. Instead, we'd like to lend a hand to Michigan Coalition to Stop GITMO North with our graphics, which also work as topical signs at the Tea Parties. They can be signs, posters, T-shirts, and even billboards, since we made them in vector format that can be stretched to a larger size without any loss of image quality.

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Oh, and while you're at it, help fight political correctness and send a Christian Christmas card to the White House (and your own self-loathing Government) this year:

Barack Hussein Obama, President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
NW Washington, DC 20500 USA

Jan Peter Balkenende, PM
Buitenhof 34
PO Box 20001
2500 EA The Hague

[your Government's address here]


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James Higham said...

No one has as yet acknowledged, let alone commented or explained, the truly amazing coincidence of Major Hasan being on the Obama transition team. You can't make this stuff up!

They work on the basis that the more outrageous the action or the collusion, the more chance of getting away with it.

Chris said...

Great post.


Even considering doing something like this in 2001 would have been grounds for impeachment. I guess we really have forgotten.

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