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Hacking a Way Through the Hottest Hoax

Ever since Emmanuel Kant took up duplicitous sophistry - called by its Orwellian name "Pure Reason" - using false logic to lay the axe at the root of reason, we've seen this parlour trick used against the forces of Enlightenment, again and again. It is in fact a intricate equivocation wrapped in a dense layer of philosophical yada yada to cover up the intellectual shell game.

Kant's dialectic was followed by Hegel's, followed by Marx', followed by Nietzsche's and Heidegger's, followed by the Frankfurt School for cultural Marxism, followed by the contemporary postmodernists of the counter cultural revolution.

- Caption: Thomas Hart Benton's postmodern vision of “Hollywood” in 1937 -

If Marx' version of the dialectic consisted in pitting social classes against each other in which an intellection elite took power in bloody revolutions - ostensibly on behalf of the underdog - today's postmodernists build on a foundation laid by the Frankfurt School, which sought to subvert the free world from within. It was successful beyond their wildest dreams.

Today it's no longer just two social classes with rival interests facing each other, but a global plethora of minorities based on race, gender, religion, culture, geographical origins and national identity, opposing the first world's power made up traditionally of "white, dead males" based on cold reason, egoistic individual rights and selfish, economical development - or so the narrative goes.

The ultimate theater in which this global dialectic is played out is the transnational progressivist heist called the first world's "climate debt" to the third world. It's rooted in a postmodern version of Kant's "Pure Reason", now dubbed "True Science".

The "logic" underlying that narrative is that the West has been industrially revolutionizing itself for some two hundred years, foisting on the world evil devizes it has not asked for: steam engines, ocean vessels, aeroplanes, space rockets, motorcars, refrigerators, washing machines and all those other nefarious consumer implements from hell.

Needless to say that - in analogy of Marx' dialectic - all this revolutionizing went over the backs of peoples located in remote areas on the other side of the globe.

The phenominal world of the dialectics is not just an equivocation, it's rather blunt, dumb and unsophisticated to boot: everything is a zero sum game. Hence the Western world is now handicapped with a "climate debt" to the tune of one hundred billion dollars. Fuzzy math by tranzie officials has calculated that the US percentage of the debt stands at 30%, while the EU's is limited to some 25% (China's by comparison stands at just 5%). Most undeveloped or underdeveloped countries are net receivers.

Quite conveniently the blessings of all these discoveries and inventions are ignored by the Luddites (a better term would be Rousseauians). The sophistry of the dialectic has once again turned reality on its head: development is evil, stagnation is good. And thanks to habit of Western member countries of depositing their worst Socialist political surplus at transnational institutions and world bodies, there's no one in NGO'ism or at the UN available to point out the fact.

COP15, a tranzie code word for the Treaty of Copenhagen, the successor to the Kyoto Protocol, is looming large in a few weeks time. Barack Obama is perceived to be holding the keys to the agreement, having been bribed ... eh, encouraged for the purpose with a preemptive Nobel Prize for eco justice.

- Caption: the exploitation of children is not beyond the means that justify the aim, otherwise covered by the Kantian ethics of good intention: a natural phenomenon as old as the world is now a "man-made" disaster (mea maxima culpa); the good news is that guild can be bought off -

This is why the hacking last week of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit, home institution of one of the world’s centers of research into anthropogenic global warming (AGW), comes as a gift from heaven, hopefully just in the nick of time to prevent the egalitarian nightmare of World Socialism from becoming reality. The event - "ClimateGate"- is already shaking the world of "denialists" to the core.

That the lamestream media has managed to ignore the story so far, is indicative of the measure of evasion they are capable of in this hottest hoax and everything else that doesn't fit their construed version of reality. Update: something's being spun right now! James Delingpole of the UK's Telegraph who scooped the story, has a round up (Delingpole's site).

Pajamas Media: "Global WarmingGate: What Does It Mean?", by Charlie Martin

Late on the night of of November 19, news broke on PJM and elsewhere that a large amount of data had been stolen from one of the major climate research institutions by an unknown hacker and made available on the Internet. (...) The hackers released about 172 megabytes of data, and we can be sure examining it closely will take some time. But after a few days, certain things are beginning to become clear.

The data appears to be largely, perhaps entirely, authentic. The emails are incendiary. The implications shake the scientific basis for AGW (anthropogenic (man-made) global warming), and the scientific reputations of some of AGW’s major proponents, to their roots. Let’s look at the files and emails first. (For a running list of the interesting emails, see Bishop Hill’s list.) (...) >>>

Wiki Leaks

Read at all! >>>

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Updates will be posted on the "Greenism" file. Just this: Terence Corcoran brings up another problem: the unscientific, through and through politicized way in which the facts have been bent to fit the theory, may cause outcry in the same anti modernist camp that this spells the end of science. The irony will come full circle: after Kant destroyed rationality through his fallacy of Pure Reason, it will be the True Science of the climatists that will mark the end of the epoch of Enlightenment. Beware!!!

National Post: "After Copenhagen, the end of the science"

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