Sunday, June 21, 2009

Today in Iran, So Far ...

Vigilante Journalist on YouTube (more new material)

Blog on Vigilante Journalist website

Great! Slide show of post election art!

At last there's some statistical evidence how the election books may have been cooked:

The Washington Post: "The Devil Is in the Digits", by Bernd Beber and Alexandra Scacco

Since the declaration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's landslide victory in Iran's presidential election, accusations of fraud have swelled. Against expectations from pollsters and pundits alike, Ahmadinejad did surprisingly well in urban areas, including Tehran -- where he is thought to be highly unpopular -- and even Tabriz, the capital city of opposition candidate Mir Hussein Mousavi's native East Azarbaijan province. (...) These pieces of the story point in the direction of fraud, to be sure. They have led experts to speculate that the election results released by Iran's Ministry of the Interior had been altered behind closed doors. But we don't have to rely on suggestive evidence alone. We can use statistics more systematically to show that this is likely what happened. Here's how. We'll concentrate on vote counts (...) >>>

Here are a few more sources:

- "Iran Election at Live Stream"
- "2009 Iranian election protests"
- "Rotten Gods"
- "Tehran Bureau"
- "Olive Tree News"
- "Iran Press News" (working on a new site, should be up and running in a couple of days)
- "Tehran 24"
- "Neda Revolution"

It's truly sad but it would appear this uprising could do with better leadership:

The Guardian: "Streets of Tehran left empty as protesters wait in vain for sign"

• Mousavi fails to offer direction after clampdown
• Injured demonstrators and journalists detained


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