Sunday, June 21, 2009

Of Severing Ties with Iran and a Message to Muslims

Dutch Islam critic and Libertarian MP Geert Wilders is demanding an emergency debate in Parliament. Together with Dutch-Iranian refugee, pundit and Leiden University lecturer Afshin Ellian, he's demanding the Embassador to Iran be recalled and diplomatic relations severed. No moral fence-dwelling and false equivalence here.

I'm sensing utter confusion among some Leftists. The news is slowly sinking in: "How ever did we end up siding with the ayatollahs? Aren't we supposed to be the revolutionaries?" Philosophically taken for a ride by the forces of relativism - ha ha!

Listen up, guys. In the face of evil, there's no such thing as a compromize. You cannot bargain with Hitler on the length and depth of the Holocaust, nor can you negotiate with the mullahs about the extend of their nuclear program (Wiping Israel off the map? Would that be entirely, or would a partial nuclear annihilation suffice?). Capiche, asshats?

Ellian meanwhile has a few things to say with regard to Arab Muslims living in the Netherlands. Here's a translation of his latest post:

Elsevier: "Severe Ties with Iran, Now!"

The sons of Allah yesterday relentlessly struck at the demonstrators. Are they desperate now? No, they aren't yet broken. But nobody knows how long they'll last.

Mousavi also shortly took part in the rally. No matter how I feel about his past, I have to admit he's a brave man and hasn't abandoned the people. The last few days he was offered money and political and economic positions. He and his family were also threatened. But he's still standing, will not break, nobody doubts him.

The highest religious and political leader on Friday gave an extraordinary ... no, a historical speech. For the first time in the history of Persia a leader of state directly threatened his own people with death and destruction. Usually they leave such unpleasantry to their strawmen.

Everything that happened on Saturday was anticipated in this speech. Khamenei said he wouldn't allow the Zionists - as in Georgia - to start a revolution on a few million bucks. An old lady from the north of Iran told me: "Khamenei should be ashamed of himself, because my son, my daughter and my grandchildren weren't paid by anyone. What is Zionism? Is that the Jews? Me and my children have never spoken to a Jew. I've never rallied, but today I do. Down with that thug".

Khamenei said that in the current climate terrorists might strike. A day later state television claimed a bomb had exploded at imam Khomeini's grave. The Dear Leader's orders are carried out faithfully. Someone in Isfahan told me: "A bomb at Khomeini's grave? Terrorists? Yeah, the Government".

But they were relentless. Hundreds, possibly thousands have been arrested, more than a thousand injured. Scores have been killed on the orders of the Iranian Government. There's footage in evidence. This short video (with very shocking pictures) should tell you enough. Finished your laments? You've seen correctly: that beautiful girl is dead. All she wanted was freedom and the rule of law.

Are you shocked? Many Dutch citizens have asked me how they can show solidarity with the Iranian people. Mail, call and write to your representatives and demand an emergency debate be held in Parliament. MPs should ask the Government to severe diplomatic ties for as long as violence against civilians continues, and political prisoners aren't released. 

Would that impact the regime in any way? At least it would support the people in their lonely fight against tyranny. I say lonely purposely, because they do not happen to be Palestinians, and their opponents do not happen to be Jews. Where are all those fine Dutch Muslims who rally in support of each and every backward Palestinian terrorist? Where are the Moroccans? Shouldn't they be out in support of a fellow Muslim people, oppressed by other Muslims?

We won't hear most Moroccan intellectuals, always so eager to show solidarity with Palestinian terrorists. Their emotions are reserved for Palestinian scum that shoots rockets at another people. According to the AIVD (Netherlands Intelligence) - during a conflict involving the Palestinians - Moroccans may easily be swayed into Islamic terrorism. I wouldn't dare to accuse them here of antisemitism.

No, they believe in a religion that was fond of Jews from the get go. Where are Hans van der Broek, Dries van Agt (senior statesmen) and other haters of the Jewish state? In their views the drama in Iran is just an internal squabble. But who doesn't share their views - luckily most Dutch - must demand the expulsion ofIranian diplomats. Send the thugs home and rattle the Iranian Government.

Take pictures of the victims and stick those to the gates of the Iranian representatives in The Hague. Hack the official Iranian sites and leave photos and films of tortured and assassinated citizens: Fars, IRNA, ISNA, Tabnak, the Ministries and Departments, the Embassies, the site of Parliament, state broadcasting, and the official sites of the President, Khamenei and the judiciary. [Ed. here's an idea.]

Let's hope that this appeal for worldwide, peaceful civil disobedience against gross human rights violations in Iran will also be seeded and disseminated by the ANP (Dutch Press Agency) and the television and radio broadcasting. How many will be killed today and tomorrow in Persia? We do not know.


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