Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is Obama above the law?

A small business owner, a grocery store proprietor, or a Republican takes millions of illegal credit card donations and he's going to jail.

Barack Obama does it and he's going to the White House.

Take a stand now for equal justice for all Americans.

Make everyone you know—Democrat, Republican, or independent—aware of this failure of justice.

Send this link via email. Post it on your site.

Download the printable flier here.

Hand out copies wherever you can.

Post them where people will see them.

Draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE.

by AnyStreet


NewsMax: "Audit of Obama Fundraising Unlikely"

The Federal Election Commission is not likely to conduct a potentially embarrassing audit of Barack Obama’s record-breaking fundraising campaign despite allegations of questionable donations and accounting.

That’s the disclosure from, which reports that Obama will probably escape scrutiny in large part because unlike John McCain, he declined to accept $84 million in public financing.

Accepting that money automatically triggers an audit, meaning that the FEC is obligated to thoroughly audit the McCain campaign’s coffers, which will take months and cost McCain millions to defend.

Another factor that will discourage an Obama audit by the FEC is the sheer size of his fundraising haul — more than $650 million — which minimizes the significance of any errors.

“If a House campaign makes a $100,000 error, that’s huge and they’re likely to get audited,” David Mason, a former GOP appointee to the FEC, told Politico.

“If a campaign the size of the Obama campaign has a $100,000 error, then maybe not.” (...) >>>

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