Thursday, November 13, 2008

Communitarianism, Another Great Equalizer

We have received word from "Stop Common Purpose" that they have identified Barack Obama, not as a Socialist or as a Communist, but as a Communitarian. This statement may require further explanation.

First of all, let's jog our memory what is Common Purpose. In case of a total blank on the reader's part we can best refer you to our dossier on the subject. This nefarious, Sorosian fifth column - CP, for short - has its tentacles all over Britain where it is quietly subverting all walks of life without so much as a by your leave. It is rapidly expanding globally.

CP, rooted in the early history of mass psychology and in the British Labour Party, stands for a new, post-democratic, borderless world order, also known as Transnational Progressivism. Stop CP's home page and their page on CP's philosophy explain the matter in detail. This organization is beyond the Marxist/Fascist, Left/Right dichotomy. They are far worse: CP is Pragmatically collectivist and the collective is ... the world.

Those who assure themselves that all is well and that the New World Order is just a conspiracy theory pursued by unhinged paranoids can disabuse themselves of the illusion here and now by reading Glenn Beck's transcript of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown's recent statements on the international financial crisis, which gives world leaders in his opinion an unique opportunity to establish the global society.

Oh, and before leaving the wonderful world of CP to 'act beyond authority', hi, Sarah Lambert, have a nice day!

Communitarianism is yet another amoral, Pragmatism driven hybrid of collectism that Europeans love to love. It may also be seen as a version of Tony Blair's and Bill Clinton's Third Way politics, but they're moderates in comparison to some highly 'ethical' interpretations (enjoy this tract, if your physique allows). Americans may also know it as radical centrism as advocated by the Responsive Communitarian movement of Amitai Etzioni.

I'm not altogether sure, but I believe his ideas might have been partly triggered by the Neocon push for a democratic Middle East as an antidote to Islamic radicalism. Since then, we see memes entering the blood stream of "democracy, sooo overrated!" It would appear Etzioni is the man responsible for making enlightened dictatorships acceptable to polite society.

He counsels parley with Muslim 'Illiberal Moderates' (moderate, as in coercion of political correctness, rather than the violence of the bomb), appeasement at the expense of social liberties. Ladies, get your niqab out of the moth balls, because that's the Communitarian price to be left in peace!

- Caption: bronze, by Michael Wilkinson -

Barack Obama may be specifically attracted to the hybrid, because of its infestation with positive rights, the reliance on overgrown superstates, and its contempt of individualism. Whereas Stop CP may find the ideology hard to pin down, followers of Ayn Rand can make short shrift. Such hybrid ideologies are just a matter of evil in degrees, all variations on a single collectivist theme.

The core of this philosophy is, that individuals have a duty to subordinate to a society that, in this case, caters to racial and cultural factions (also known as multiculturalism). In case of dereliction of duty, society/ the state/ the collective may enforce the moral obligation. So the key question is, what form will this evil take, and to what degree will it be implemented? This of course, depends on the whim of the ones wielding the stick of power (asigned reading: News Busters: "Obama Spokesman Says 'Obama Ready to RULE on Day 1'").

Whatever name we want to give them, One Worlders, progressives, Socialists, Communitarians, neotots, they find creation - as it stands - a vile, imperfect place replete with social injustice, inequality and insustainability.

One of the most entrenched misunderstandings about Socialists is the equality principle. Most observers take their zeal for an egalitarian society as a signal of their holy belief in human equality. But the contrary is the case. No, to them all men aren't equal, but they ought to be. Hence the vigorous pursuit.

Confusing 'is' with 'ought' (Hume's Law) they'll never stop experimenting with people's lives, social engineering and cajoling human behavior until they've reshaped reality into an egalitarian Hobbotshire in which every hobbot voluntarily sacrifices to the organic, moral Whole.

The allegory of Plato's Cave is useful in more ways than one. You can see the mechanism explained in this home video. Plato and Kant are the originators of the Subjectivist fallacy that thought creates reality. They teach that the physiological world isn't real at all, but a product of our own projections. Their actual world is situated in some parallel universe. Knowledge of this true world is out of reach for us mere mortals, as Plato explains in his allegory of The Cave.

- Caption: Plato's Cave by Ken Stout, 2007, oil on panel -

But the story is not just useful in explaining Subjectivist philosophy. It is also indicative how they think they can pull the wool over people's eyes: not by debate on the basis of verifiable, objective information, but through shadows, smoke and mirrors: passions, constructed perceptions and vacuous projections of 'hope' and 'change'. Here's an exquisite animated version of The Cave.

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