Friday, October 10, 2008

We Are All Socialists Now

"Government is not the answer to our problems; government is the problem."
--Ronald Reagan

An article on Yahoo!News, "On crisis, Europe to US: 'I told you so'" chronicles the European statists' Schadenfreude over the Obama talking point that American laissez-faire deregulation is to blame for the current financial crisis. German en French subjectivists are falling all over each other to get to the mic first and point the finger. Really?

Could it perhaps be Bill Clinton's third way mixed economy, that forced banks to behave like 'social security outlets' by compelling them to act in a way that is alien to their nature, i.e. eyes firmly fixed on the bottom-line, that is the architect of this fiasco? Another Social Democrats success story, Jimmy Carter laid the groundwork. John McCain warned early for the collapse, Obama now says "he wrote a letter ..." while he was up to his eyeballs involved in ACORN, a main contributor to the Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac scam (study the "Just Say No Deal" flow chart and weep). Or watch this short vid, "What Just Happened?"

Now that the system is blowing up, the statists (see them scramble for default position) point the finger at Capitalism, which is to blame. It is a darned gotzpah!

It's always the same tired trick and it keeps on giving. When will we learn?! Force your ideology on a self-sustaining system and when it breaks down because of it, blame the system and shout 'I told you so, it needs more revision and supervision! That will prevent me interfering in the future!'

Deontology does the rest for a clear conscience: our intentions are so ethical because for the common good, that we are a priori absolved for adverse consequences ... the perpetual 'get out of jail card'.

Blaming the' fallibility' of markets is like blaming the weather for storms. We will see much more of that: the Left are always prepared to establish the Socialist Utopia on the smoldering ruins of whatever crisis (induced or otherwise) - the reason why revolutions were incited in the first place. Entire tribes of community organizers, eh ... agitators were insinuated to bring them about.

The statist is so focussed on the evil of free markets and the benevolence of the state that he cannot see what's in front of his nose: that he and his cures are the problem. But that very thought is so alien, that it simply doesn't occur to him.

So now he goes on pumping public money into the system in order to send a message of stability and confidence. What he is actually signaling is that the system is so broke that it needs more and more medicine.

As usual THEY and their quack remedies are the problem, not the weather! For Heaven's sake, stop burning our money!

Believers of free people in a politeia which they own, had better be on red, hot alert the coming months. If we know our statists, they wouldn't be half the collective they are, if they didn't try to pull a fast one.

... oh, and for the record ...

Boston Globe: "Frank's fingerprints are all over the financial fiasco"

Take that!


- Morning Bell: "Here they go again"
- The Lighthouse: "The Lightness of Being Socialist"

- Filed on Articles in "The Economics and Monetary Dossier" and "The Ethics of Capitalism" -


Wolfie said...

This is bigger than politics

James Higham said...

Don't make me shudder, Cassandra.

Cassandra said...

Face reality, boys ... it's just one more step in a long process - but it is major. A crisis like this is the time to make big strides. Vigilant is the attitude, lads.

Cassandra said...

Dear Gert, I don't feel obliged to provide a platform for arrogant little twits and their dogmatic, collectivist rants. So no, I will not publish your 'comment'. The criteria here are not if we agree, but if we can agree to disagree, like civilized human beings do. Like most of your persuasion, you are unable to have a debate without resorting to insults and ad hominems. Move on ...

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