Thursday, October 9, 2008


Today is devoted to the Association of Community Organizers ACORN.

Reports from all over are being filed in re of voter fraud and other irregular activities.

Remember, the original Bailout Bill pushed by Pelosi and the Dems included a substantial amount of money for...ACORN ... really read this ...

The last few days the attention was focused on the Obama-Ayers axis, the partial denials and admissions on the part of the Obama campaign, and the MSM descending on the library of University of Illinois in Chicago. This, to examine a treasure trove of documents pertaining to the days the gentlemen served together on the boards of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Today the attention is shifting to ACORN, the organization that was trained by Obama in Alinsky tactics and for whom he acted as a lawyer.

The ACORN activities work both ways: if they get away with voter fraud, so much the better - if not, they clog up the system ... watch the vid! ...

Soren Dayton
in "Strange Happenings During Ohio Early Voting Period" discusses the update of John Fund's book on election fraud, Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy: "(...) the problems of 2000 have not been significantly addressed. A close presidential election that turns on the kinds of issues that arose in Ohio would further delegitimize our democratic system."

Thanks to Palin: "ACORN Fraud"

More voter fraud from ACORN. The Democrats are trying to steal the elections with fraud. This has been going on for years and has been swept under the rug. They need to shut down ACORN and Project Vote. This is not voter disenfranchising, this is to have free and fair elections. This should never be tolerated and those that are involves should be thrown in jail and have their voting rights taken away. Enough is enough. This is getting to be a theme every year. For the past 3 or 4 Presidential votes, ACORN has been caught filing false voter registrations. And to say that it is not their fault is preposterous, ignorance is not a defense against the law. >>>


The Minority Report: "ACORN's Dirty Deeds Spread to Missouri"

Over the last few days a there has been a lot of sunlight exposing the dark corners of the activities of the group called ACORN.

Missouri has not been left out of the action.In Clay County, Republic an Director on the Board of Election Commissioners Dave Reinhart has been on top of a flood of apparently false voter registration cards. We have three confirmed examples of possible electoral fraud. (...) It’s important to note that these three are likely a small fraction of the number of false registration cards that have been turned in by ACORN. Reinhart raised an important point with Caleb Howe of Redstate. ACORN’s employees are paid per registration. They have every incentive to turn in these falsified registration cards. They make more money if they turn in more cards. Fortunately in Missouri (...) >>>



Also courtesy Dr Sanity comes the highly recommended flow chart on the site of "Just Say No Deal" run by PUMA Will Bower (watch him here) - spread it far, spread it wide:
"(...) the reason no one focuses on Obama's "community organizing" is because few understand how it fits into the big picture. Focus, trace, read - revisit if necessary - but do understand why a) Obama has gotten to where he is and why he threatens to continue that meteoric rise - with your tax money - straight to the White House and b) how Obama, his advisors and the Dems are linked to the biggest financial meltdown since the Great Depression (...) >>>
Great footage, but then ... lower than the racism issue (which will actually help Obama!), the kids at the Daily Dross decided to avert reality by implying The One is put in danger from "right-wing militia nuts" (are these people totally unhinged?! ...):

"McCain/Palin Playing The "Terrorist" Card Goes Beyond Mere Campaign Sleaze"

(...) To put it plainly, inciting right wing crowds to consider an American presidential candidate a "terrorist" isn't merely dirty politics or otherwise unseemly -- it comes uncomfortably close to implicitly encouraging actual violence. And that "uncomfortably close" part is putting the most charitable possible face on it." >>>

- Observe the usual shut-up tactics: the racist slur
and enforcing self-censorship through political correctness.
And how like the amoral Left not to get the point!

No one is accusing Barack Obama of being a "terrorist". It is a matter of judgment, making the Presidency vulnerable to blackmail, and it shows a pattern of associating with the enemies of liberal democracy. It is in the order of 'talking to dictators without preconditions'. But it stands to reason: with a past like this, parleying with state sponsors of terrorism is merely being consistent.

Update: Barack Obama’s campaign has been forced to revise statements about their candidate's work for the ACORN (...) “Fight the Smears” (...) contained false information about Obama’s connections to ACORN. Before news outlets reported Obama worked as an ACORN trainer in 1992, the website said, “Fact: Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity.” The website later revised their “fact” to say: “Fact: ACORN never hired Obama as trainer, organizer, or any type of employee.”The conservative leaning blog Gateway Pundit published archived screenshots of the Fight the Smears site showing the discrepancy. As a presidential candidate Obama has extensive ties to the group currently being accused of voter registration fraud in 11 states (...) >>>

Update: [ACORN] is accused of submitting fraudulent voter registration applications in 13 states this election cycle. Seven of those states have already launched investigations into ACORN’s activities. During the 2006 election cycle, ACORN submitted false applications to election officials in Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington. Several of their organizers have already landed in jail. Seven ACORN workers were indicted for voter registration fraud in Washington last year for submitting nearly 3,400 fraudulent forms (...) >>>

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