Saturday, October 18, 2008

We Are All Plumbers Now!

This is perhaps the most ominous aspect yet of both the radicalized Democratic Party in general, and the Obama campaign in particular: they appear to be after ways how the law can the used to criminalize opponents. Uncle Joe would be proud!

Point in case is a local Democratic chairman reacting to Philip Berg's valid lawsuit for Barack Obama to present evidence of natural born citizenship. In this footage we can literally see him looking for ways to delegitimise Berg's efforts: either he's on a personal vendetta, or he must be trespassing on somebody's privacy rights, etc.

This is as much undermining the rule of law, as ACORN is crushing the very foundation of democracy. Republican rallies are almost certainly infiltrated by agitators. These tactics are truly and utterly irresponsible and destructive.

A Pajamas Media article "Justice Dept. Targets GOP Activists" lists one case of legal abuse, Rick Moore in "Obama Wants to Prosecute Republicans Trying to Stop Voter Fraud" chronicles another.

Then there is the minor matter of the Truth Squads (read Missouri Governor Blunt's press release), followed by Obama's judicial obliteration of the Second Amendment.

For the sake of brevity let's not today go into the actions of Action Wire, or the creepy Obama proposals for a national service: it's the legalisms and the mob mobilization culture that are such disturbing features. It's classical Alinsky, taken to the inevitable end: the demoralization and subversion of Western society.

Let's also leave aside the outright lies, misquoting and having fake hysterics over it, the genuine rage that's out of control and the psychological coping devises of displacement and projection (see BDS, PDS, MOI, etc.).

What cannot be ignored today is the hyena mob attack on citizen Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher which is shedding whatever remnants of respectability that perhaps remained. It tells of an end-justifies-the-means mentality that comes with the pragmatist approach. What's more disturbing? The fact itself, that some don't see the problem, or that others completely miss the point?

The unconscionable mob turns on a single citizen, a plumber, so as to divert attention away from the redistributive nature of the Obama policies, the egalitarian collectivism that was to remain shrouded in mystery until "the deal was closed." The episode is exemplary for the ongoing con job.

Today's article by Ruben Navarrette Jr., "The Democratic Party’s Drubbing of Joe the Plumber" sums it up as follows:

“With just a few weeks until the election, Obama made a major boo-boo that could cost him the race. What are Democrats and their simpaticos in the media supposed to do? They can’t turn back time. So instead, they turn on Joe the Plumber.”

This isn't just character assassination; Obama's fascoid thugs are trying to destroy Joe Wurzelbacher as a person for nothing less than exposing their carefully cultivated cover.

On Politeia we often try to analyze current and past events on the philosophical level, that is to say, in the very broad terms 'from orbit.' The assault on Joe is the result of a corollary of Leftist, relativistic philosophy which holds that all ideas are equally valid. Catholics have a saying: "love the sinner, hate the sin". Relativism turns this on its head and says, "let's all be tolerant of equally valid ideas, and let's make persons comply with them. Ideas are sacrosanct, persons fair game.

The series on relativism and violence is an ongoing project, but part I and part II have already been posted.

With a Jacksonian we say, We Are All Plumbers Now.

Don't forget to support Philip Berg and his lawsuit. Also sign the petition (see "The October Surprises" and "Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis").

- The official Phil Berg website.
- Here is a link to the court documents filed by Berg.
- Click here to sign the petition.

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James Higham said...

Yes, this is very interesting, the ACORN thing - I've been looking at it myself. Seemingly innocuous, like CARE but concealing a corrupt heart.

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