Monday, October 20, 2008

The O Plot Thickens: Law Suits Like Kittens

The situation around Philip Berg's pending law suit, demanding proof of Barack Obama's natural born citizenship - which is a precondition for the Presidency - is getting more outrageous by the day.

Think about it: the entire United States and at least half the world are up in arms about these historical elections; there's a global financial crisis on, prime national hero Colin Powell has just endorsed the nominee, millions donated to his campaign and millions more voted for his candidacy, and now we have one US Presidential hopeful who believes that if you ignore unpleasant situations, these will go away all by themselves. It figures: thought creates reality in Barack Obama's book: he's the quintessential Postmodernist, fed on a life-long diet of subjectivism: "If I die overnight, will the sun rise tomorrow?" "No, I fear not, Your Excellency, oh Heavenly Lord of Your Own Private Universe."

The candidate and Howard Dean refuse to clear up the matter of Obama's natural born citizenship, so we're headed for a constitutional crisis. Change! is about right. Here's the latest update on the 17th of October, an interview with Phil Berg on The Right Perspective:

There are at least two more law suits being filed, one of which in Washington. Many more Americans are considering taking legal action as well (see comments on Berg's website Obama Crimes).

Once you've recovered your breath from that one, feast your eyes on this jaw-dropper: footage from an ACORN meeting in January 2007 (hat tip: Expose Obama) in which the candidate, spreading favors around, pledges the association of community organizers, they will shape his Presidential agenda.

This does not only show the intimate nature of their alliance, in the face of Obama maintaining that the extent of their association was limited to ACORN getting the vote in when he ran against Hilary Clinton; it is also indicative of either false promises and election bribing, or - if true - a taste if things to come: community agitators ... eh organizers running the White House!

That over, we've got some pretty awful video material about the candidate's involvement in the post election violence in Kenya, orchestrated by Communist Germany raised cousin Raila Odinga. And guess what... he stood on an election platform, promising to ... "spread the wealth around."

World Net Daily in the latest despatch from Nairobi: "How Obama friend tried to give nation to Muslim minority - Read 3-page agreement that promised to Islamize Kenya, protect terrorists".

Read here and see there how Raila indulged in another clan habit, political opportunism. Raila came into power by signing a pact with the country's Muslim representatives, imposing sharia law and evoking cooperation with the GWOT - particularly outrageous in the light of the following.

In 2006, as a member of the Senate, Obama campaigned in Kenya for his cousin at the taxpayer's expense. Contained in following PDF document is a line that states “Friends of Senator BO” and the amount shown is 66,000,000 Kenyan Shillings, which equates to US$1 million. As a side note, Dick Morris Associates is listed providing the value (21,335,000 KES or US$344,000) of pro bono work for Raila Odinga: PDF-Consolidated Statement of Campaign Financial Activities.

The vid poses the rhetorical question, why Barack Obama supports a man like Raila Odinga. Who's to say - perhaps because it's all in the family, the African tribal relationship, or the warm beating bossom of the Communist International.

And now for the usual links and service points:

- The official Phil Berg website.
- Here is a link to the court documents filed by Berg.
- Click here to sign the petition.

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