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Alinsky's Legacy: the Subversion Handbook

"Republicans still assume that the modern Democratic Party (...) will play fair. (...) it is always easier to do nothing (...) that is the kind of apathy Hitler's forces counted on in the Weimar Republic. The end-justifies-the-means cabal figures that even good people find it easier to do nothing. (...) when Republicans don't pay attention to the corruption and allow themselves to get screwed time and again, they are also in league with the devil. By this failure of will, the sins of omission are as evil as sins of commission. (...) "

--Excerpts from Diane Alden's article "Saul Alinsky and DNC Corruption" (Published Jan. 7, 2003)

'Rules for Radicals' by Saul D. Alinsky is an handbook for how 'Have-Nots' can take power away from the 'Haves.' In it he explains how to manipulate the political system through "community organization" using a mantra of "change". Obama is the embodiment of the Alinsky's Legacy.

This has been known for many years, but even today very few people recognize it.

On 19 October 2008 Colin Powell was dismissive of any link of Obama to radicalism. But he has always been one of the traditional soldiers who think in terms of conventional war (remember the Powell Doctrine) and has never understood Irregular Warfare. This is the thinking that caused so much loss of blood, money, and influence as a result of actions in Vietnam and Iraq.

The ability of Obama to implement Alinsky's plan is due to his appealing image, to his skills, and to the transformation of American culture as a result of postmodern thought. It is not difficult to connect the dots.

1. Barack Obama became involved in community organizing as a result his attraction to the Saul Alinsky approach. Saul was a Marxist who bragged in 'Rules for Radicals' that his success was due to the efforts of Lucifer. This allowed him to lie and cheat and steal to reach an objective. Ends justifying the means had previously allowed Hitler, Mussolini and Lenin to gain power. Who does Obama follow?

2. Before Alinsky, Obama had Frank Davis as a "mentor" in Hawaii. He was also a radical socialist. Thus, it was natural for Obama to gravitate to the revolutionary plans of Alinsky. This in turn made him comfortable with Black Liberation Theology under the tutelage of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

- Caption: Obama celebrating his 1996 Illinois State Senate seat
victory with members of the Marxist controlled New Party. -

3. Then the next logical step in Alinsky's Legacy was involvement with William Ayers, a revolutionary since the 1960s, in the distribution of 100 million dollars to radicalize the youth of Chicago (ed. otherwise known as the Chicago Annenberg Challenge).

4. Finally came a campaign for the presidency which took Alinsky's plan to the national level with support from the far left of the Democratic Party.

None of this would have been possible in traditional American culture, but it was made possible by postmodern thought. The seeds of postmodernism were planted by the chaos, death, and destruction of World War I, it grew into the Counter Cultural movement following World War II, spread through our schools and universities, corrupted the media and the legal system, and eroded the traditional American culture.

Since the 1960s Americans has been transformed by the emotion appeal of a Utopia of individualism, hedonism, and equality of outcomes without any restraints on behavior from sacred authority, i.e. shared values, mores, and attitudes based on morality, ethics, or religion.

No longer does each human have an immortal soul, no longer is patriotism sacrifice for your country, no longer is marriage a life time convent between one man and one woman, no longer is charity for the disadvantaged the responsibility of each individual, no longer is each person responsible for his/her actions, and no longer is there objective truth.

How can a person like Barrack Hussein Obama with such questionable credentials gain support and adulation from millions by using words--which contradict any rational analysis of his past--in subjective appeals to what people desperately want?

Why does black pride and white guilt count for so much? Why does Obama's hypocrisy, financial indiscretions, anti-American past, and questionable associations count for so little? Could the answers be that the USA is now in the declining stages of its cycle? (See: Understanding Change)

How far will the Legacy of Frank Davis and Saul Alinsky be taken? Can it be stopped? Can the cycle be reversed?

Dr. Sam Holliday,
Director, Armiger Cromwell Center.

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Remember Obama told his followers, 'Argue With Your Neighbors, Get In Their Face and GET IN THEIR FACES!". Enlisting the tacts of his guru Saul Alinksy and commie Frank Marshall - this is Soviet style, fascist tactics to bully the unsuspecting masses into submission. Apparently Obama is telling the leftist lunatics to crash and create chaos at MCain Palin events at the Barack Obama Campaign Website (...) >>>

So we are provided with an instant illustration of Obama's Alinsky tactics: urging his followers to "protest at McCain-Palen rallies" and advertising it at "an event". This is what he considers to be fair campaigning ... oops, already forgot: notions of fairness are not part of the Postmodern 'narrative', the rules for inter-human relations have unilaterally been changed ... traditional social mores just aren't going to cut it anymore - we've to think fast and furious to change our parameters and start acting "outside O's experience" ... here's another Obama blue print (or click to enlarge) ... photos of the geriatric zombie 'event' on Atlas:

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