Friday, August 29, 2008

Save the World: Democrats for McCain (update)

Rumour emanating from Denver, Colorado has it that the Democratic Polit Bureau and their enforcers are upsetting the more democratically inclined Democrats.

Those who do not go home in shame with bruised body parts are uniting behind the Republican candidate, John McCain in the organization Not Ready 08.

It's okay, really ....!

Neo Neocon has an interesting analysis of another, considerable group of dissenters, the PUMAs.

PJ: "Why PUMAs Can’t Just ‘Get Over It"

Why, many ask, can’t the PUMAs get with the program and unite behind Obama? (...) The PUMAs perceive Obama as having played dirty. And not just in a generic way, but by using the twin evils of sexism and racism to his advantage. If these women had previously bought the idea that the Democratic Party is above that sort of thing, they’ve now experienced a profound shock—and that shock is a very a personal one. (...)

Many of these women have supported the struggle against sexism and racism for decades, and believed their party to be champions of both causes, which were seen as linked rather than opposed. And yet they now perceive themselves to be on the receiving end of sexism, while at the same time they stand accused of racism, and merely for preferring another contender over the African-American candidate Obama. The disillusionment they feel is no doubt profound, and it taps into something far more basic than the usual intra-party policy or personality spat.

All the while, much of the MSM and the Democratic Party is demanding that they be the ones to get over it and jump onto Obama’s bandwagon with alacrity. And this despite the fact that his efforts at rapprochement with them have been less than overwhelming. Not only was Hillary not given a courtesy VP vetting (...) it is somewhat puzzling that Obama has failed to take most of the fairly simple and basic steps that would have gone quite a way towards soothing the still-festering wounds (...)

But whatever the reasons that Obama has failed to reach out effectively to the PUMAs, it doesn’t speak well of his ability (correction: his claim) to have a special knack for bringing people together (...) Obama’s attitude towards Hillary supporters is the first real test in this campaign of his actual diplomacy, as opposed to his speeches about it. If so, he gets an F. >>>

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