Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Trial of Radovan Karadžić: Hartmann indicted

After we were able to break the news last week that fifteen Dutchbat vets have come forward to testify for the defense, today the ICTY posted a press briefing that an Order in Lieu of an Indictment has been issued against Florence Hartmann on two counts of contempt of the Tribunal. Hartmann was the spokesperson of former ICTY Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte.

The two counts of contempt are for allegedly disclosing protected information about the trial of former Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic. The ICTY alleges that Hartmann knowingly divulged confidential decisions in the Milosevic case.

Hartmann has repeatedly stated that former US President Bill Clinton and French President Jacques Chirac had planned a campaign to capture Karadžić, but later backed down at the urging of the US, Britain, and Germany.

Hartmann has also said that Russia aided in moving Karadžić to safety in Belarus, and alleged that the West helped in order to hide information about the fall of Srebrenica

Last week, Karadžić submitted a document to the ICTY asserting that he had an immunity deal with former US Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke, on the condition of withdrawing from public life. He asked the Tribunal to order the appearance of Holbrooke, as well as former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and two other officials involved in the deal.

Holbrooke and Albright have denied the accusations, but Jurist in an article mentions that Purdue University Professor Charles Ingrao, leader of a research group dealing with issues of the former Yugoslavia, said in an interview that he has independent evidence verifying Karadzic's claims.

More allegations by Hartmann were made in an interview with The European Courier. In the interview Hartmann states that Joschka Fisher, the German minister of Foreign Affairs in the former German Government told Del Ponte that according to German secret services, international High Representative in Bosnia, Paddy Ashdown met with Karadžić at the end of 2003 in Bosnia!

She also recounts in her book that in March 2000, Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte asked Wesley Clark, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, whether the US had a secret agreement with Karadžić. Clark in turn accused former French President Chirac of having cut a pact with Karadžić and Mladić to win the release of two French pilots held by the Serbs in 1995 (see Bosnia News).

Hartmann is to appear at ICTY on 15th September. Dr Karadzic's next session is due on Friday.

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