Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Dossier: Socialist Causes Explained

A new dossier has been opened on Articles, which endeavours solving the sometimes enigmatic ideological causes the Left chooses to champion.

If the question keeps you awake at night how come the interests of women and gays have been jilted practically overnight in favour of theofascism, keep an eye of this file.

Occasionally the answer is right on the surface, whereas at other times a more profound analysis by professional shrinks is indicated.

But once the machinations are understood, the veil will be lifted of what appears to be a conundrum within an enigma within a Rubik's cube.

- Caption: The People's Cube - "An Alternative Secret History of the World" -

Take an RSS and know how to solve ideological puzzles such as these faster than you say Che. You too can become a trend-setter and be politically correct even before the rest of the masses know the current truth!

Update: caution - doctrinal material ahead

For reactionaries stubbornly resistant to the principles of the red pecking order, you can now pay a visit to the BBC Northern Ireland doctrinal site for a crash indoctrination course on correct citizenship. Specifically recommended come the Racism module for a thorough examination of possible yuk toddler remnants, or you can act now! on ethnic minorities if you are deeply shocked by "the problems faced by different people and groups in your community. "

- Filed on Articles in "Petty Political Correctness" -


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