Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Left's Fest of Unbridled Hypocrisy

As the regular readership may be well aware of one of the major subjects of these pages is the hunt on and the exposure of mainstream media bias, known under the epithet "Orwell's Press from Hell." Familiar files on Articles for the collection of these stories are:

- "Blurring the Border Between Perception and Reality" - a series of posts with analysis and commentary;

- "Big Bro's Smoke and Mirrors" - a collection point of cases of media corruption, for instance the co-opting of sympathetic political parties and governments;

- "The Demise from the Press from Hell" - deals with general stories exposing media bias such as the present.

As the series "Blurring the Border Between Perception and Reality" explains, media bias is a well known phenomenon that only stands to reason: the media are a strategic area where public opinion may be influenced in the direction of choice. But propagandist issues apart, journalism is also one of the main occupational fields with an added attraction for postmodernists, simply because it is here that the shift from objective journalism to subjective reporting is made. The result is a complete 'alternative' version of history, the so-called narrative.

Since - roughly - the start of the new millennium, many of the mainstream media have given up even the pretence of objectivity. The pressures of the competition of English language Al Jazeera may have something to do with style and content. The BBC have succumbed to the point of almost having become a party in the daily guerrillas of Gaza, Israel and the West Bank, not to mention France2 in the ongoing case of Al Dura (a.k.a. Enderlin vs. Karsenty).

Political Lunch explain the matter without hidden memes. But in an op-ed titled "Your Brain Lies to You" New York Times contributors Sam Wang and Sandra Aamodt spill the Materialist beans, showing how the public may be manipulated by vile tacticians through the abuse of their own cerebral functions; but 'brain' here must be understood as an extension of the senses. Postmodernists seldom miss an opportunity to subliminally tuck away somewhere one of their pet methods for the deconstruction of reality.

In that riot of disturbing black-ops emanating from Republicans, "Karl Rove and all those who use Rovian tactics, Fox News commentators and conservative bloggers and emailers who fuel and pander to prejudice and bigotry by sending out scurrilous libels of Obama and, by association, the Muslim community, such as emails and comments" the public may rest assured that Democrats themselves would never, ever, stoop to such unethical manipulations.

Whereas Messrs Blair and Clinton's mastery of spin, public perception and re-framing of issues has become the stuff of legends, the newly evolved generation of reality dodgers would never resort to demagogy, voodoo campaign politics, subliminal messages, false psychological props or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a.k.a. NLP or Hypnosis 2.0.!

In this fest of unbridled hypocrisy the opposition are well advised to gather behind the Democrat Being of Light; no pressure intended but the Savior's loss can only be attributed to the uniquely evil racism inherent in all Right-wing Americans. Such case be prepared for four more years of fake hysterical rage, rage, rage and scurrilous invective, coupled with biased, wrathful, hateful, divisive, vitriolic, bigoted, intolerant and warmongering, racist and sexist slurs from the Orwellian Press from Hell, The True Race and all the other projection-ridden protagonists of the pathological Left.

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