Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bill's Vista for a Better Balkan

As the news is breaking that the home of former UCK/KLA strongman and current Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci was assaulted by gunmen late Friday (more on the wider issue by Greek analyst Ioannis Michaletos on Serbianna), the world is offered the first public opportunity to inform themselves of Kosovo history prior to the late Yugoslav President Milosevic' promises to the people on the Kosovo Polje that they would not be 'beaten again' - an episode some time half way part 3/10 in the series.

Czech public TV is hit be a controversy over a documentary involving the former Serb province from a perspective dating back to Turkish times when the region was part of the Ottoman Empire. Note the blessings of multi-ethnic, borderless empires, now presented by postmodernists as the enlightened multicultural ideal, as opposed to the narrow-mindedness of the modern nation state.

The documentary at least offers a view on the situation that scratches more than just the favorable, Western, politically correct surface level: the one served up by Bill, NATO and the MSM: backward, jingoistic, rustic Christians pitted against progressive, broad-minded, liberal Muslims.

Led by press bias and political spin, public opinion in the West has managed to convince itself of the justness of the Western role, which was 'objective' and governed by 'humanitarian' intent rather than Bill's whim - the amities of former US President Bill Clinton with the Albanian leadership - Madeleine Albright's personal obsession for a dominant role in the Balkans, or the involvement of the usual suspects.

The Czech controversy is a continuance of the stage-managed spectacle by which public opinion in the West has been played like a violin. Perhaps at some time in the far future when Kosovo is cleansed of Christians and the Balkan Caliphate is well established they'll find out how they've been had. But by then all will be over, of course.

The ten part series is accompanied by an introduction by the publishers.

Here's the pod for "Stolen Kosovo."

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