Friday, June 6, 2008

Resistance to EU Post-Democracy Widening

It could well be on instructions of their master's voice, but from this location there's remarkably little media coverage devoted to the upcoming Irish E.U. Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty to be held on 12th June. Ireland being the only nation whose government granted their people a say in the matter, the entire anti Euro camp is on top of the Irish to vote against the treaty.

Resistance to transnational progressivism is widening, and is coming from unexpected quarters from time to time. Consider this post in "Asthma Care," a blog affiliated to a Leftist organization with German roots, the Dr Rath Health Foundation, devoted to cellular vitamin treatment and "Health, Peace and Social Justice" (the question rather is, who is not involved in political activism these day?).

It would appear that the good doctor - after campaigning against the war in Iraq - is now focusing on evil pharmaceutical corporations and the mob connections of former EU commissioner Frattini. Vitamins, while good in and of themselves, do not protect against severe cases of paranoia. He's now got his scalpel into the post-democratic tendencies of the neotots in Brussels. In passing we meet a old acquaintance: the EU's own fifth columnists of Common Purpose.

Asthma Care Blog: "Lisbon treaty- does it affect our health options?"

Six non-governmental organizations (NGOs), collectively representing consumers from all 27 European Union (EU) countries, are strongly urging Irish voters to vote ‘No’ in Ireland’s upcoming referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Rather than resulting in Europe becoming “more efficient”, as the treaty’s supporters claim it would do, the NGOs are deeply concerned that a ‘Yes’ vote in Ireland on June 12 and the treaty’s subsequent enforcement by Brussels would only further worsen the EU’s growing democratic deficiencies. The supposed political and procedural efficiencies that would result from the treaty’s ratification, they argue, can only be achieved via the further compromising of democracy, personal privacy and freedom of choice - all three of which are now increasingly under threat in the EU. (...)

There are powerful moves through EU directives to curb our right to buy or treat ourselves with natural therapies, food supplements and alternative medicines. Little do people know that 110,000 EU laws which have quietly been transposed into UK law will be enforced after the new Lisbon Treaty is ratified and most certainly by 1st January 2009. Something very sinister called Common Purpose has now infiltrated every institution in Europe to prepare people for membership of the European Union.

The six organizations are campaigning for citizens to have the right to vote in referendums whenever significant changes to laws affecting them are made at either national or European level. The campaign, the European Referendum Initiative, is being backed by the Alliance for Health, Peace and Social Justice (Dr. Rath Health Foundation) >>>


EUX: "Outcome of Irish EU vote too difficult to call"

A new poll published on Sunday shows a lead of 42 percent for the 'Yes' camp in the campaign for the Irish referendum on the European Union's Lisbon Treaty, while the 'no' campaign now is seen at 39 percent (...) the 'no' vote is gaining in support (...) the yes side is still ahead (...) the outcome of Thursday's referendum now has become too difficult to call. (...) >>>

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