Monday, June 9, 2008

Prague's Eccentric Activism

While it appears that a number of activists - actually "a chain of people" according to Russia Today (one of whom a pacifist fence-dweller) - have gone on hunger-strike against the proposed stationing of a US radar base in the country, journalist Jiri X. Dolezal on Friday did the contrary. He went on a hunger strike in support of the plan.

The military installation is to protect the United States and a large part of the European continent against missiles from Iran, North Korea and other rogue states with tot-tendencies.

The left opposition as well as a polled majority of Czechs oppose the project. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they still believe bullies can be persuaded of the error of their ways by appeasing them. Bullies are dumb and mistake the lack of action for approval. Were these people never in school? I always found there was just one remedy for the cowards: telling them in no uncertain terms where they get off ...

Prague Daily Monitor: "Journalist goes on hunger strike to support US base"

(...) Dolezal said he will be on hunger strike until the Czech-U.S. treaty on the base is signed, he said in a Prague cafe while eating his last meal.

The two treaties are to be signed in June or July.

"I am afraid of a missile attack from the south and southeast. I thus prefer the Czech Republic being hidden under a missile defence umbrella," Dolezal said (...)

Activists Jan Tamas and Jan Bednar temporarily ended a hunger strike against the U.S. base's construction after more than two weeks though their demands were not met by the government.

They said their strike was successful as it focused public attention on the issue both home and abroad. (...) >>>


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