Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Fitna" II (Internecine Strife)

After LiveLeak caved in to the pocket potentates defending the indefensible excesses of the Religion of Peace, here's effort number II - hat tip Atlas Shrugs.

She's so right: "If we all don't stand up to Islam together, we all go down. This is the point of the film, is it not?" Amen to that ... If that doesn't work, here's a link to VodPod.

Just picked up a few edifying words from Greek poet Rigas Feraios on the blog of My Greek Odyssey. That they may serve the purpose of robbing those living under the spell that 'for ages, Muslims, Christians and Jews lived happily together'; from a people, having lived in the dhimmitude of the Turkocracy for over four centuries, uplifting words for the deluded indeed.

Until when, brave warriors, shall we live in bondage,
lonely like lions, on the ridges of mountains?
Living in caves, viewing wild tree branches,
abandoning the world, due to bitter slavery?
Losing brothers, country and parents,
our friends, our children, and all of our kin?
Better an hour of free life,
than forty years of slavery and jail.

- Update: Elsevier Magazine is reporting that some 30 Jordanian media outlets have initiated a campaign for the boycott of Dutch goods. They have also called upon Arab leaders to review diplomatic ties with the country. A number of Muslim countries happen to be gathered this weekend in Damascus for a summit on more serious business. Malaysia is also considering a boycott. In the meantime the treasonous submission to bullying, as displayed by the Dutch national exporters is nauseating: they are considering suing Wilders for damages.

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