Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Fitna": of Farce and Fall-out

Over on Articles we have a link to Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, fisking a postmodern comment to shreds, posted by Ali Eteraz on the Borg's* own in-house rag, The Guardian.

Unlike 'Wilders' 15 minutes of yawn provoking farce', both postings are worth spending a quarter of an hour on for a number of reasons.

Eteraz' original piece is so typical of the vacuous cynicism and biting sarcasm that is the result of Leftists (and postmodern Rightists) washing up on the shores of the third millennium both ideologically empty handed as well as morally bankrupt. All forms of Socialism having collapsed under the weight of their own totalitarianism these intellectuals have nothing left to be believe in, but their own lower bodily functions.

Their invective consists of the usual talking points: pairing nonsensical platitudes about misnomers as Islamophobia, with nihilistic assaults on logic and attempts at farce without humor, all oozing contempt for anyone other than their own particular proteges whom - by an act of inversion - they now try to pass off as the new Joos.

Attempts at false equivalence are wasted on Spencer, who is aptly refuting the bloody-minded rhetoric:

"Yes, and if the moon were made of green cheese, I'd take a big bite, or if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. But in reality, suicide bombers aren't invoking Samson, but the Qur'an, and Wilders wasn't attempting to link the Qur'an to acts of violence, but was merely reporting on how the Qur'an has been linked to violence and supremacism by jihadists themselves."

More on the finer points of postmodern rhetoric can be found on the Articles collection file:

- Filed on Articles in "Postmodernism: Rhetoric, Attitudes, Tactics

Update: Plenty of ugly threats from the Religion of Peace collected by La Geller on Atlas Shrugs >>>

* "Resistence is futile - prepare to be assimilated ..."


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