Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leviathan's Birth Certificate (I): the "Treaty of Lisbon"

Another black day for democracy! Today EU's leaders will sign the 'Treaty of Lisbon'. It aims at reforming and regulating EU institutions, thereby carefully avoiding any say of actual Europeans in the matter.

In another incarnation, what was then more appropriately termed a Constitution, it was voted down in 2005 French and Dutch referenda, putting question marks behind the present legality of any expenditures and decisions being made, until such time that the treaty is actually ratified. But the EU being the EU it cannot be bothered with such legalities.

They resurrected the project, stuck another label on it, at the request of the Dutch removed state symbols of flag and anthem, put them back in on the insistence of Angela Merkel who cannot wait to abolish Germany, and presented the pile of paper as a victory of the people. Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado said: "The citizens of Europe feel Europe should be stronger and this treaty will help bring that about."

You've got to have nerve!

A quote from the Contitution's draughtsman, former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing on 23rd November: "I have taken on the work of comparing (both) on the ‘nine essential points’ (...). To my surprise, and, to tell the truth, to my great satisfaction, these nine points reappear word for word in the new project. Not a comma has changed!

Today they proceed with a signing ceremony at Lisbon's Jeronimos Monastery, a symbol of Portugal's power in the 15th and 16th centuries. UK's PM Gordon Brown at least betrays a conscience: he has the courtesy of being simply too embarrassed to be seen photographed, putting pen to paper.

The signing will start a ratification process by national parliaments that will try and avoid another "No". Hope rests on the Irish who will have their say in a referendum, but even if they'll upset the project, surely another Orwellian political slither and dither will be found to avoid "creating another crisis in Europe". This show must go on, whatever the cost, whatever the means.

The irony in the matter is, that Europeans have fought, assimilated, conquered and occupied each other for millennia. Now that finally all peoples - with the admitted exception of a few nasty cases in the Balkans - have settled in sovereign, national homelands within secure borders, along comes the EU project turning the continent again into a border-less, multi-ethnic post-democratic empire. In practice there's nothing much voluntary about it. Resistance is futile.

It is accomplished without as much as drop of blood being spilled. The constituting nations are simply bribed into submission to the European Moloch that is Leviathan. What isn't accomplished by economic realities, regional funding, black ops and subsidies, is gained by good, old-fashioned Machiavellian power politics.

A case in point that Europe hasn't entirely evolved beyond history is said exception in the Balkans: Kosovo. How the West is handling the matter typifies today's Leftist totalitarian mindset in which a perceived 'noble end', justifies any means: bullying in the name of peace - fascistic methods to combat 'fascism' - committing evil to avoid it, but that's hefty material for a posting in itself ... hopefully this weekend.

~ Continued in Part II: Leviathan's Birth Certificate: the Day After ... ~


Flanders Fields said...

At least Totalitarianism becomes official. Now, implementation of political control can proceed fresh (

A sad day when the people of Europe are so controlled that they do not exercise minimal resistance to such an arrogant power grab.

Glad to see you doing good, Cass.

Flanders Fields said...

Cass, you may be interested in the following article which gets more to the core pushers for all of the centralization, shariaization and politically correct globalism. It addresses the Fed in the US, particularly. But by extention, the US Fed is nothing more than a division of the ECB and BOE. A Rothschild/Rockefeller in every bank is the New Deal mantra for the NWO.

jackdm1294 said...

Hi Cass,

One thing is still to be underlined about this treaty :
not to make it look like a Constitution, the text has been made completely ununderstandable to people without a law school background...

"Get lost, citizens! There is nothing to be seen here!" seems to be the message.

Cassandra said...

Indeed, Jack. Something very peculiar happened here. Everyone was protesting that it was called a Constitution, but considering that this turns out to be the birth of the EU as a state (as opposed to a club) Constitution would have been a more appropriate and less misleading term. Actually, the very word should have been a pointer that it the key word is 'State' entity. Oddly enough, it didn't. The UN is next on the list, turning from a club into a state: the Law of the Sea sneakily provides them with their own funding. We are all being hoodwinked here into who knows what?! What's next? A new world order?

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