Friday, December 14, 2007

Leviathan's Birth Certificate (II): the Day After ...

~ Continued from Part I: Leviathan's Birth Certificate: the Treaty of Lisbon ~

Good Morning, honored citizens of the State of the European Union!

... and the rest of the World, of course ...

... just kidding ... the Treaty of Lisbon is still to be ratified ... and the Irish - may the memory of the late Raymond Crotty be blessed for ever more - oh, the Irish - are yet to vote in their referendum! Other then that, nothing stands between yesterday and the truly historical, citizenship of Europe for all inhabitants of this long-tortured continent.

Long live also poliglot Ludwig Van Beethoven and his 9th Symphony that gave us "Alle Menschen werden Brüder" - and other such artistic and intellectual fruits of malignant, Utopian, Counter-Enlightenment philosophy!

No sooner had Gordon Brown's lips finally touched the champagne flute, and the Twelve Star been festively raised over Lisbon's Jeronimos Cloisters, or some stubborn "Cork-born, left-wing academic, (the) intellectual backbone for the alternative position on the European Union" had fisked poor Leviathan's birth certificate already to shreds!

Here then are Professor Anthony Coughlan's most significant findings that the treacherous conspiracy of E.U., national governments and oppositions, and the combined mainstream media are so hard trying to cover up for us:

A definition of the Treaty of Lisbon might read: "an attempt to construct a highly centralised European Federation artificially, from the top down, out of Europe's many nations, peoples and States, without their free consent and knowledge."

More from Coughlan's conclusions: "If there were to be a European Federation that is democratic and acceptable, the minimum constitutional requirement for it would be that its laws would be initiated and approved by the directly elected representatives of the people either in the European Parliament or the National Parliaments. Unfortunately, neither the Lisbon Treaty nor the EU Constitution it establishes contain any such proposal."

And "The (...) most striking feature is that it is run virtually entirely by committees of politicians, bureaucrats and judges, none of whom are directly elected by the people. The Constitutional Treaty setting it up has already been rejected by the French and the Dutch in 2005. As French President Nicolas Sarkozy has admitted, the Prime Ministers and Presidents have agreed among themselves on no account to have referendums on the Renamed Constitutional Treaty, for that would be rejected everywhere again."

... oh, read it all for yourselves, here ... update: Coughlan's analysis now contains a printable version ...


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