Monday, December 10, 2007

The Deplorable Taste of Plebs

The obverse, messy side of democracy is represented by some of the abominable choices made by the people. Not only did they vote in George Bush - twice! - but they have no perception whatsoever when heavy becomes too heavy - which is why we shall see it phased out in the coming years! Surely, humanity has evolved well beyond such chaotic processes by now!

Here's a prime example why an enlightened oligarchy stands a much better chance of preserving the environment, run trains on time, as well as guarantee the arrangement of public space in conformity with the politically correct aesthetics as laid out by the expert coterie at the U.N., who went out of their way to pass judgement on the matter, as far afield as New Zealand!

EUX TV: "Nobel laureate Grass deplores bridge construction near Dresden"

"Nobel literature laureate Guenter Grass, 80, led a protest rally Sunday at a controversial German highway bridge (...) four kilometres east of the growing German city of Dresden, to end long traffic detours. (...) UNESCO disapproves of the bridge crossing the Elbe river in a 20- kilometre-long section of gardens and palaces that are recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Caption: photo by architect Adrian Welch (1991)

City residents voted overwhelmingly for the bridge in a 2005 referendum.

"Something here is being spitefully spoiled that does not belong to people of Dresden alone," said leftist novelist Grass through a loud-hailer as 500 supporters cheered. "Dresden belongs to the whole of Germany." (and beyond ...)

On Saturday, police dragged away 60 protesters who sat on the spot as tree-fellers with chainsaws arrived to remove trees growing near the riverbank in the bridge path.

Conservationists say the four-lane Waldschloesschen bridge's steel arch will spoil a pretty view. >>>
Quote of the Day:

"The invention of democracy is a crying shame (...)
A majority can never replace the Man."
Adolf Hitler,
"Mein Kampf"
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