Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Enter the Cabal (I): Towards a Common Purpose

This morning I set out to peruse two Wiki entries. Going through the one for "New World Order" doesn't engender happiness. A wild vista of paranoia unfolds before your eyes. The problem is - considering myself quite a sane person - feet firmly planted in reality - that quite independent of all these conspirationalists, some of my findings happen to coincide with a number of the least outrageous fantasies described in this entry.

Also I don't often write about my personal life, the blegosphere being already saturated with self-fixation. But the present seems a good time to say a few things about my character. I am fiercely independent, always have been. And I hate being manipulated. In fact, I am so allergic to it that I sense manipulators miles off, setting in motion a chain reaction of movements aux contraires. I'm acutely aware we're being manipulated at present.

Looking back on the roaring seventies of the last century - when most of us were to all intents and purposes, consciously or subconconciously die-hard commies - it was quite the thing to undergo sensitivity training. During those sessions the subject's psychological defences were broken down. All you believed in, or knew to be true, was rendered at least in doubt, but mostly ruthlessly ejected. In short, the subject was stripped of his psychological personality. Something was supposed to fill the vacuum, but the amateurs that dabbled in this mind-game from hell were blissfully unaware of this objective; these being usually slightly power-mad pocket potentates with a bent for 'social sciences'.

Something during the night must have triggered my memory of this, so I thought I'd look it up on the Wiki. Bear with me, here's the text:

"Kurt Lewin laid the foundations for sensitivity training in a series of workshops he organised in 1946 to carry out a 'change' experiment, in response to a request from the Director of the Connecticut State Interracial Commission ... Kurt Lewin, who met Eric Trist in 1933, influenced the work of the London Tavistock Clinic, both in its work with soldiers during the Second World War and in its later work with the Journal Human Relations jointly founded by a partnership of the Tavistock Institute and Lewin's group at MIT."

On to the entry for Tavistock Clinic we read that:

"A history of the Clinic can be found on the website of the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, of which it is the major part. This NHS ownership began in 1948 when the British NHS was founded, other Tavistock activities being continued by other organisations, in particular the Tavistock Institute ... John Rawlings Rees also worked at the Institute for several years prior to World War Two and became its Medical Director."

So far so good. On to the "Tavistock Institute" where Wiki states that:

"The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (!) is a charity concerned with group behaviour and organisational behaviour. It was launched in 1946, when it separated from the Tavistock Clinic ... The Institute was founded in 1946 by a group of key figures at the Tavistock Clinic including Henry Dicks, Leonard Browne, Ronald Hargreaves, John Rawlings Rees, Mary Luff and Wilfred Bion, with Tommy Wilson as chairman, funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation .... Kurt Lewin, a member of the Frankfurt school in America, was an important influence on the work of the Tavistock, according to Eric Trist, who expresses his admiration for Lewin in his autobiography."

I mean this ... if one isn't a conspiracy theorist, one becomes one. Connecting the dots? Aplenty has been written lately about the nefariousness of "Common Purpose". I'll put a file on the Database, containing my entire dossier for anyone who cares to peruse it. But two efforts are worth mentioning at this stage: kudos to Britannia Radio for a comprised overview for those as yet unfamiliar with the subject: read that and you're up to speed; and to Lord James at "nourishing obscurity" for sorting out the mess and producing an in-depth pin down of the bstds in parts (1), (2), (3) and (4). More may be in production and the project is of course ongoing.

Britannia Radio states the following in relation to above mentioned Tavistock Institute, which does seem to be fairly representative:

"... to manipulate agreement on a range of issues that then become the norm to be defended from all challenge and true diversity. It has been developed by organisations like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London which was funded into existence in 1946 with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and is one of the Illuminati's global centres for developing the 'hive mind' mentality or 'group and organisational behaviour'. Tavistock works closely with 'public sector' (state-controlled) organisations including the UK government and the European Union and the Orwell-speak on its website could have come straight from the pages of Common Purpose."

Common Purpose is related to Tavistock and from a chart produced by "Exposing CP" pioneer Brian Gerrish, it might not be an overstatement to conclude that CP was a Tavistock invention.

Picking up the Tavistock connection with the Soviet Advanced Polit Bureau in the West, the Frankfurt School for Cultural Marxism, Gerrish writes:

"In the 1960’s we had some communist subversion in England. A dozen New Labour Ministers who are in positions of real power, like John Read and John Prescott were communist activists. Since the signing of the 1972 EU treaty the communists have switched their allegiance from the Soviet Union to the European Union, and subversion has exploded."

Between my own independent investigations conducted over a year, and this statement, isn't a millimeter of disagreement. "The techniques are broadly based on the Frankfurt School, the University department bought by the Soviet Union in 1935. The Soviets asked it for the best methods of undermining other nations so it could bring them under its control. The EU has been implementing these techniques in Britain since the early 1960's." Yes, deconstructing the Old Order is the sole purpose of Postmodernism, or Cultural Marxism.

The idea behind 'sensitivity training' was to psychologically break down the subject, filling his head subsequently with Marxist doctrine. In other words, this was originally an indoctrination or a brainwashing technique turned foul Leftist parlour game.

To connect but the last two dots in these series, which is the result of only pulling two loose ends on an average Tuesday morning, James Higham sums up the blegosphere conclusions on the founders of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations as follows:

"One of the Tavistock founders, Dr. John Rawlings Rees, who also became co-founder of the World Federation for Mental Health, talked of infiltrating all professions and areas of society - 'Public life, politics and industry should all ... be within our sphere of influence ... If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity!' 'We must aim to make it permeate every educational activity in our national life ... We have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the Church: the two most difficult are law and medicine.' " At which point it may be useful to reintroduce my handy Chart II The Subversion Program.

James poses the rhetorical question, "what common purpose?", (CP) only (to) say it is "beyond authority" and when pressed as to what that means, answers that it’s to open up leadership opportunities to those not actually in positions of authority. Again, for what common purpose? They are silent."

But ask yourself: I know of only one species of humanity who are having kittens upon hearing the A-word: "Authority!" They built an entire subculture around it, as well as a pernicious dialectic that pervades the entire Western world. After decades in process they still haven't got over their fixation complex with 'Authority': the time warped Boomers, to whom any order emanating from the Frankfurt School was holy dogma. They never managed to "snap out of the Marxist dialectic".

To assume leadership "beyond authority" so as to "produce change beyond their direct circle of control" is an act of rebellion, of subversion. Ask Captain Bligh if in his book this isn't a Mutiny on the Bounty. CP's guress - Julia Middleton, author of the book "Beyond Authority" by her own admission stands for "how to lead when you haven't any authority". Here in her own words. It's the rush for the power grid and the television station, taking control of the country once the axe drops! What's on the book cover? A maze. Right, a maze! What does that tell you?

Let just for a minute sink in what the extent is of a subversive organisation, that has training programmes in every major town and city in Britain, and since 1989 is involved with more than 60,000 people, delivering 20,000 'leaders', who have completed one or more programmes, with tentacles in France, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and United States. They have infiltrated local and regional government, including vital segments of society such as the police and the army.

The existence of a fifth column like the Communist Party ... eh CP, is entirely consistent with the disastrous situation on the ground. Don't kid yourself, it is! When I was first confronted with CP a few weeks ago my reaction wasn't one of surprise or shock, but rather "ah, there you are at last!".

The common thread that pervades everything that is touched by the cabal, seems to be the focus on "altered reality". This state of mind is necessary for lowering the acceptance threshold and increase susceptibility to suggestion: the suspension of the faculty of reason to better absorb the lie.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a technique of using words to re-programme the body computer to accept another perception of reality, presumable like sensitivity training", sounds like another mind-game thought up by the scions of Marx.

Subjectivism (or Relativism) is the philosophical tenet that there is no objective reality (rejecting morality in the process), only individual versions called narratives. Postmodernism (Cultural Marxism) is entirely based on this fallacy. I have written about it extensively, lastly in "Masters of their Universe". The basic message is not to trust reason based on sensory awareness as a source of knowledge. Look at the subliminal message that is conveyed here. Philosophically, the adherents have taken leave of their senses as well as of epistemology. It's also an ideological aid to advance acceptance of the lie.

There's a virtual clinic of mental health experts blogging and podcasting away every day about the pathologies that are gripping entire countries and classes of populations: mostly Narcissism induced denial of reality.

How come - and this is only the extent of my limited knowledge - an estimated fifty percent of Dutch women live on mood levellers and mood enhancing medication? This is a country of dysfunctional zombies, who are no longer in touch with their natural emotions! As a consequence they have become virtual sociopaths: empathy in the interaction with others is no longer an issue. The sheer size of the scandal is unprecedented since divorced women-hood came off sherry and Valium in the eighties.

We have the obsession of the Third Way Socialists with public perception. Bill Clinton, out of whose first presidential campaign came the platitude "It's the economy, stupid" started the spin-doctoring of public perception and the media. This black art has since been taken beyond perfection by Tony Blair's New Labour cronies; as far as I am able to conclude they're also the spare time stewards of CP, given the connection of PC's Chief Executive Julia Middleton, who doubled in John Prescott's Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as his Personnel Manager.

Given the above, the conclusion is justified that the world is dealing with a particularly hostile and ruthless branch of humanity. Not only do they have the arrogance of Lucifer in deciding for themselves what's best for humanity - global, post-democratic, Socialist Super Empires (transnational progressivism) run by collectivist oligarchies - they also have no qualms whatsoever, using whatever means necessary to establish their goal, including mental manipulation. There may be other groups like Common Purpose. Retracing the origins back to the totalitarian Frankfurt School, that existed but for one purpose - culturally deconstructing the West - is very disturbing news indeed. Blair to begin with, may well be running Eurabia.

I do believe though that this lot should not be collated and confused with others working in the private economic sphere, who are on the whole in another league and far less hostile than conspiracy theorists may believe. As far as they are concerned it stands perhaps to reason that some body of people in the know orchestrates the entire global, interconnected, macro-economic, geo-political situation, given that every one's prosperity is at stake. In such case it might as well be the combined talent and experience of the Bilderbergers.

But no one has any business not declaring themselves and socially engineering humanity beyond history and the democratic process. But then, democracy is a chaotic and messy undertaking with unforeseen outcomes: not at all the thing for under-cooled planners and controllers. It is certainly not the favorite game of Narcissistic power-mad psychopaths. To them let the warning from history be, that absolute power corrupts absolutely, nothing lasts forever, and certainly not constructs based on lies.

This morning I chanced upon a telling subtitle I gave this blog a year ago: "an in-depth investigation into what social engineering from hell is destroying Western civilization as we knew it".


- The CP links dossier is available on the Politeia dBase.

- Visit the Video Collection related to this blog. There are a number of Brian Gerrish' speeches and interviews available.

- For backgrounds of the Frankfurt School, this video may provide insight.

~ Continued in Part II: "Transnational Progressivism" ~


Aurora said...

A wild vista of paranoia unfolds before your eyes. The problem is - considering myself quite a sane person - feet firmly planted in reality - that quite independent of all these conspirationalists, some of my findings happen to coincide with a number of the least outrageous fantasies described in this entry.

Cassandra, you are right on track. I think that slowly those who deny some of those obvious truths amongst the nonsense of the conspiracy theories are going to have to admit that something is going on under their noses. It's no good to be hiding our heads in the sand. Now is the time to be vigilant and plan for the future as best we can. Or at least to spread the word.
I like your blog. Am blogrolling you.

Cassandra said...

Received following comments by email from Sam Holliday, a regular essayist:

Your post 'Enter the Cabal' is certainly interesting and matches up with my research over the past 10 years on post modern thought. I always try to keep my comments on how postmodernism is destroying Western Culture at a clear and understandable level. I want to speak to the common man, not to get into debates with professors and other intellectuals. It is a subject that lends itself of esoteric mumbo jumbo. However, while 'Enter the Cabal' goes beyond the level I use, I found it understandable, well reached, clearly presented and very interesting.

It helps explain what has happened to our universities in the past 50 years. I do not agree with the conspiracy theory outlined or that Common Purpose directs all that we observe. Yet I do think this article accurately describes some of the things that are going on to destroy Western Culture. My own view that all of the things discussed ( postmodern thought, relativism, sensitively training , altered reality, transnational progressivism, and Marxist dialectic) are the result of the normal changes in any group as it goes through its cycle of growth and decline. For simplicity I lump them all together and refer to them as postmodernism (PM).

I think in terms of a Modernism vs. Postmodenism paradigm. Modernism, for me, is the progressive economic and administrative rationalization and differentiation of societies within Western Civilization from the Renaissance to about 1914, It is fundamentally about achieving order and preventing chaos. Post-modernity, for me, refers to the dissolution of the concepts, institutions, roles, rules, and standards associated with Western Culture. It questions all absolutes.

The advocates of postmodern thought think they know how to achieve progress toward a better world. Today’s modernists believe that the “progress” offered by the postmodernists is actually decline and decay. They want the balance that produced modernism.

Warmest regards, Sam

Cassandra said...

I quoted from one of your blogs just recently. I see you are authoring two. Please let me know which one you'd like me to roll.
Thanks for commenting and passing by.

Lord Jerk-Higham said...

Ian Parker actually raised the question of whether JM is a man or a woman. Have to explore this. Excellent summary, Cassandra.

Stop Common Purpose said...

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