Friday, November 2, 2007

Democracy versus Sharia: "Integration?"


Italian correspondents at "Io Sto Con Oriana" ("I am with Oriana" (Oriana Fallaci)) have sent us the following post on Magdi Allam's new book, in which he does a number of recommendations against the precepts of multiculturalism.

Allam is an Egyptian-born journalist and writer, noted for his articles and books on the relations between Western culture and values, and the Islamic world. He holds a degree in Sociology from La Sapienza University of Rome. After working at several Italian publications (including the national daily newspaper La Repubblica, Allam joined the Corriere della Sera, Italy's biggest newspaper, for which he is an op-ed columnist and ad personam assistant publisher.

In "Vincere la paura" Allam reports his own experience as a journalist protected by armed escorts, a condition he has had to endure ever since the Islamic movement Hamas allegedly threatened him with death if he did not stop criticizing Palestinian suicide bombers.


Here are a few concrete recommendations from Magdi Allam from his last book. In "Io amo l'Italia, ma gli Italiani la amano?" ("I love Italy, but do Italians love her?", ed. Mondadori), he proposes some practical suggestions for the integration of immigrants in a three step process: repression, prevention and promotion, which we'll outline shortly.

The original text can be read extensively in Magdi Allam's book, pages 274 to 282, Italian version.

- Clandestine and unlawful immigration must be considered an indictable offence leading to immediate extradition. We need to impose sanctions against countries that allow, or do not prevent unlawful immigration.

- Outlaw all Islamic groups who don't recognize the Universal Human Right to Life, those who discriminate and violate individual rights, who preach hatred towards Western culture, and who justify terrorism. Among these groups are the Muslim Brotherhood, best known in Italy as Ucoii (an Ucoii representative sits in the Italian Council for Islam, created by former Home Office Minister Pisanu.)

- Make sure that mosques (all 638 of them, according to Censis, 31st December, 2005) abide by the law. If not, activities must be suspended immediately. Make sure that these mosques are no front for those who disseminate hatred. If such persons are discovered, they are to be deported, if immigrants - tried, if Italian nationals.

- Imposition of wearing hijab on women must be considered a penal offence.

- Religious lessons on Islam must be subject to legal authorization.

- Riddance of religious texts spread by mosques, libraries and schools, promoting terrorism or expressing disrespect for the values of the Italian Constitution.

- Deportation of immigrants who commit physical or moral violence against women.

- Deportation of immigrants who lock up their own children, forcing them to go back to their "roots".

- Deportation of immigrants who practice bigamy or polygamy. Deportation of religious officiants of unlawful weddings.

- Deportation of parents who deny their children access to an Italian public school.

- Effective penalization of apologists of terrorism (article 414-1bis).

- Propagation of destabilizing the Italian state by prohibiting enforcement of its laws or the denial of its values, must be considered a penal offence.

- Legislation to the effect that terrorism equates a crime against humanity.

- Conception and establishment of a pluralistic Islam.

- Establishment and dissemination of the axiom that the concept of "a unique and true Islam" doesn't exist.

- The assurance of religious freedom, meaning the freedom of apostasy, to convert to another religion or to become an atheist without suffering any form of discrimination.

- Outlawing accusations of apostasy against Muslims, knowing that these accusations constitute a death warrant against the apostate.

- Outlawing the use of the term 'infidel' against non Muslims.

- Denying access to the country of preachers of hatred, involved in terrorist activities or promoting anti Western concepts.

- The monitoring activities in mosques.

- To ensure primacy of Italian Law over Sharia Law, the marriage of Italian men to Muslim women doesn't entail forced conversion to Islam.


So far our colleagues at "Io Sto Con Oriana". We thank them for the initial cooperation and hope for more cross blogging in the near future.


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