Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The following might be one of those second rate news items, which I for one, normally ignore because of its obvious irrelevance. It is only when physically confronted with one of the incubators, that consciousness is jerked into full lucidness, and the scope and severity of the detachment from reality begins to register promptly on the brain.

The jaw-dropping ceremony over and blood pressure more or less resuming normal functionality, the full impact of the governments sponsored and tax-payers funded madness becomes apparent. Judge for yourself.

EMHRN: "Article 19 urges UN Committee to address free speech concerns in the United Kingdom"

"Today, the UN Human Rights Committee begins its audit of the United Kingdom’s compliance with its obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). Article 19 has submitted a Report calling on the Committee to question the British Government on a range of issues, including its plans to reduce use of the Freedom of Information Act, the ban on unauthorised demonstrations near Parliament Square and the high cost of defending libel suits in the UK. While the Article 19 Report finds that respect for freedom of expression in Britain is generally good, it points to an erosion of the right to protest as well as a failure to address a number of long-standing issues. The United Kingdom is yet to act on problems identified by the UN several years ago in the UK’s Freedom of Information Act and Official Secrets Act. Instead, steps are being considered to curtail access to information." Et cetera, et cetera.

The unpronounceable acronym EMHRN is the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, one of Euro-Arabian talking shops as brought in evidence by the author Bat Ye'or in "Eurabia". Its main task appears to be the production of a plethora of invective, directed at the state of Israel.

Buy your blood pressure a day of exercise in Jungle Land and feast your eyes on "In view of the Sub-committee on political dialogue and cooperation between the EU and Israel" dated 22 October 2007:

"The human rights situation in the Gaza Strip is constantly deteriorating. Serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law have been and continue to be committed by the parties to the internal Palestinian conflict. The main reason however are serious violations of human rights perpetrated by Israel, the occupying power, including extra-judicial executions. EMHRN believes that Israeli bombardment of civilian areas and other attacks on civilians and civilian objects, as well as the policy of isolation and collective punishment may constitute war crimes. While Israel justifies these measures as responses to rocket attacks by Palestinian armed groups on Israeli population centres, they are disproportionate and regularly fail to distinguish civilians and combatants."

The Palestinian Katyusha handiwork being veritable precision instruments! Could it be that the redistribution of speech actually extends to a redistribution of the right to lie (mental note: investigate and revert!). Read it all (PDF)! I'm on medication.

If the United Nations Human Rights Commission c.q. Council is anything to go by, the campaign against Israel may in fact be the organization's main raison d'etre, advocacy to "delete the border" being a close second. But I'm sure that taking to task the proud nations of Europe over 'violations' under the mono-lateral redistribution of speech rights regime, as recently Saudi Arabia in Copenhagen had the pleasure of doing, constitutes an important platform to further push the Islamization card.


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