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The Palace Coup Against Geert Wilders, Round Two

Continued from Part I: "How the Dutch Establishment Defused Wilders".

Slowly but surely it's becoming apparent how the Dutch establishment, commonly referred to as 'the regents', led by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and her chief advisors, are neutralizing the election results in which the right wing liberal party (VVD) and Islam critic, Geert Wilders (PVV) emerged as winners.

A majority right wing coalition with the Christian Democrates (CDA) was initially indicated. But the CDA were the major losers in this election and assumed the role of modest bystander. The CDA sports a vocal left wing, as well as a host of transnational progressivist elder statesmen. All vehemently oppose Wilders, whom they view of as a morally repugnant populist.

- Caption: regents of the Amsterdam orphanage by Cornelis Troost (1729) - 

They view Islam as perhaps a slightly petulant, adolescent form of Christianity. Their refusal to participate in a coalition with the Wilders party is entirely based on a narrative that covers their refusal to deal with the unwelcome truth about the Islamic ideology.

The initiative to form a coalition for the moment rests with the largest party in Parliament, the right wing Liberal party, VVD led by the nation's most elligible bachelor, Mark Rutte. But Socialists are already beating the drum of "biggest party's having first choice isn't a right, but a custom: now move over for our man to have a go at political musical chairs".

The first round in Operation Defuse Wilders consisted in the all powerful Vice President of the Council of State, 'Vice Roy' Herman Tjeenk Willink (in truth an ordinary career socialist), being appointed king maker. But the modus operandi in this palace coup proved a bit too obvious. Her Majesty is currently speaking softly of being sorry that some of her wayward subjects got the feeling of deliberately being side lined.

- Caption: Right wing Liberal party (VVD) leader, Mark Rutte -

This notion was underscored by a short sentence in Tjeenk Willink's advice to the Queen that the Minister's countersignature on Parliamentary Bills could be withheld if "the principles of the democratic rule of law, the international position of the Netherlands, or basic financial policies are at stake". This effectively sidelines any  initiatives that might prove embarrassing to the official transnational progresssivist agenda.

In round two of this operation to de-fang Wilders, Her Majesty once again threw advice of political leaders to the four corners of the wind and appointed as second king maker, this time Ruud Lubbers, a personal confidant, elder statesman, and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, who was summarily compelled to relinquish that post for infamously groping an American feminazi.

Even the Socialist leader is pressing to please investigate the possibilities of a Rightist government, for the simple reason that it hasn't proved untenable and is therefore still an unexplored option. Wilders is going to have his fangs drawn once and forgood.

The Lubbers M.O. is two pronged. The official line is, we'll talk to all parties, all options are open, dispelling the 'conspiracy theory' that Wilders was purposefully side tracked, in itself proof positive of the progressivists' disdain for the people's intelligence.

- Caption: Queen Beatrix purturbed by the view of Mark Rutte becoming PM, by Ruben L. Oppenheimer

At the same time Lubbers is distancing himself from exploring a Right wing coalition on the ground that one option is a minority coalition, the so called Danish option, which is formally not part of his assignment. He can play this game under the cover of the knowledge that his own party (CDA) prefers a center government with the Liberals and the Socialists. But Lubbers' own party leader will be left holding the smoking gun that killed the chances of a center right Government.

While the establishment might succeed in neutralizing Wilders and the Freedom Party it will not survive this operation without seriously soiling itself. It comes at the price of having its often touted democratic credentials exposed as vacuous. It's now clear for all to see that the regent class may have its differences in degrees, but as soon as an outsider asserts itself and starts forming a potential threat to the traditional disbursement of power and jobs, the ruling class sticks together.

This meritocratic nomenklatura is steeped in history and has its wellies firmly planted in Dutch polder clay and in circles of water management. It is a cabal which has its tentacles in government, politics, big corporations, pension funds, unions, employers associations and professional self-governing organizations, transnational progressivists with interests in Europe and the UN, including environmental and philanthropic NGOs.

The political landscape isn't atomized as they claim, it's merely laid bare that the country is and always has been a biotope for reactionary Hegelians and crypto Counter Enlightenment operatives.


Leaders of the CDA and VVD have been caught dining last night. Just as I started a twaction (action on Twitter) to encourage the CDA along with an email campaign, the news broke that almost all CDA parliamentarians have given their blessings to the talks.  It also turned out that the segment of the party that most morally condemns Wilders as the second coming of Adolf Hitler, is heavily involved in Leftist causes that receives millions of euros in state subsidies. This one I like particularly: a former chairwomen is receiving 2 million as Head of the Twin City Association Netherlands-Nicaragua!

- Part I: "How the Dutch Establishment Defused Wilders"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is Gaza a Stinking Rat's Nest?

It is. But it's not as poverty stricken as the propaganda suggests.

Another Sorelian myth blasted.

Jewish Chronicle: "Palestinian territories beat Egypt in well-being", by Jennifer Lipman

The United Nations has published a report showing that the Palestinian territories have higher standards of development and well-being than the surrounding countries of Egypt, Yemen and Pakistan. The Palestinian territories appear at number 110 out of 182 countries on the list. Compiled by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the annual report ranks countries on education, life expectancy and living standard. (...) >>>

See also Walid Shoebat's vlog "Gaza, not as poor as the propaganda suggests"

But all that doesn't keep the EU High Representative, former crypto commie Lady Ashton, currently 'touring' Gaza, from paying the salaries of Hamas civil servants, and calling for open borders with the terror eparchy.

On top of already allocated funds, Ashton promised another EUR 40 million of tax payers' money to the Palestinian Authority (whoever that may be).

There's also talk of the UN taking over the patrol and security of the border crossing. If they do as good a job, as they do in southern Lebanon, brace for impact.


The Israeli journalist residing in Berlin, Daniel Dagan is drawing attention to the fact that the Gadaffi (r)aid ship docked and unloaded in the Egyptian port of Al Arish, disclosing the fact that Gaza can be reached from a country other than Israel. To pressure Israel to lift the blockade is another example of the staggering hypocrisy involved. While it would be very convenient to provide Iran's proxy, Hamas with a port at Europe's doorstep, the short term goal of the exercise is to delegitimate the state of Israel -

Grotere kaart weergeven


- Tom Gross Mideast Media Analysis: "A nice new shopping mall opened today in Gaza: Will the media report on it?"
- Jews for Sarah: "What ‘Humanitarian Crisis?’ – New mall opens in Gaza, brimming with food, furnishings and ‘Zionist clothing'" (Kudos to HuffPost for having enough integrity to publish THIS)


- "Middle East Project"
- "The Propflot Tactic"

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wilders Goes International With the Freedom Alliance

Geert Wilders, although he emerged as the single largest winner of the June 8 general elections, has been sidelined by the Dutch establishment, who fear damage to the country's prestige abroad and in the eyes of the transnational progressivist community, of which it is a vocal member and an ardent advocate.

The Liberal VVD party, which ended up with most seats in Parliament, is currently engaged in sequestered in coalition talks with Labour and two other minor Leftist parties: one now openly antisemite, the other - the greens - rooted in the Communist Party and the Pacifist Party. Read all about it in "How the Dutch Establishment Defused Geert Wilders".

Ayn Rand would have spun in her grave of such a lack of ideological hygiene. The shunning of Wilders is evidently a coup of the 'regents' in what it sees as the national interest. The voters be damned. What do they know? When push comes to shove the people are looked down on as voting cattle who've no idea what's good for them. The progressivist 'regent' mentality is alive and kicking in the Netherlands.

Of course they've only made matters worse. The VVD will be the party of treason for decades to come, and all who're slighly Right of center will rally behind the Freedom Party and Geert Wilders. I know I will.

Update: Today, July 18 Wilders gained 11 seats in the polls which translates into 35 seats in Parliament. VVD loses 8.

The latter, prominently figuring with Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Al Qaeda's new, glossy, 'hopey-changey' death list (new buzz word: "inspire"), is taking his message of Western values and democratic principles abroad. The International Freedom Alliance (IFA) is primarily targetting countries with a strong Muslim minority, but with a political deficit where the defense of individual rights and liberty are concerned.

Frequent visitors of this page will be aware of the central thesis of this blog, that relativist ideology has mentally crippled people in the West to defend their values against assertive Mohammedanism. The latter have no qualms whatsoever about absolutism. Considering all cultures and religions equally valid, as is the case in multiculturalism, is fine and dandy as long as everyone agrees with the premise. But it leaves one defenseless against supremacists.

The problem in the Netherlands has emerged because the VVD party has now aligned itself with the collectivists of red, green and 'purple' hue. There seems to be a world-wide tendency towards collectivism, including covert Socialism and Islamism. Bad news for liberty.

In a press briefing yesterday Wilders (see video) announced he will be joined by a number of global freedom fighters, known as the counter jihad movement. The idea was launched as people abroad complained they sorely lack a movement like the Freedom Party to stand up for freedom.

"It's not going to be a Freedom Party International", Wilders emphasized. It will be an umbrella institute for likeminded people all over the world, who offer each other help and support. The IFA may offer financial, organizational and ideological support to individuals and organizations world-wide, to energize societies and to pressure politicians.

The presentation of the website is planned before the end of the year, just after his trial for 'group insult' is due to end. Information will be made available in Dutch, English, French, German and perhaps even in Arabic.

Geert Wilders IFA International Freedom Alliance Interview Subtitled/Translated
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

- International Freedom Alliance on Facebook


- Mail Online: "Anti-Islamic crusader launches recruitment drive in UK"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Culture War Moves to Twitter

A recent discourse in 140 miniblog positions on the peculiarities of the world we live in, resulted in a challenge from an unknown entity in the Twitter universe of what turned out to be a postmodern, self-confessed 'scientist'. His alma mater or field of work remains unknown to this day, but his bio sports such ethical pursuits as animal rights, humanism, consciousness research, evolution, cosmology, agnosticism, vegetar., portuguese coffee, science, and writing.

The first tweet pressed upon me the blessings of the state and of pomo dogma in regard of  morality and ethics. Didn't I know that religion has no monopoly on morality, and was I not aware that such tenets are simply subjective group conventions - a consensus on the norm if you will - and that the state as a neutral arbiter should put a ban on all religious manifestations and expunge it from the public domain? A diatribe on how  religion usurped morality from the societal domain ensued (the divorce between the secular and the sacred has been at least since Plato's time).

But here comes the full view on the Leftist mindset in its full, dictatorial glory: "It's the duty of lawmakers to regulate the behavior of people" (which is a marked deterioration on the view that it's the duty of politicians to offer hope and consolation). This point of view explains why so many - primarily in the Obama administration - are meisters in public manipulation at the perceptional level (e.g. Cass Sunstein and his Nudge). In this flat, two dimensional world this is the main level of consciousness (for a proper understanding read also "The O Team: Mental Babies With Razors").

"In democracies the average morality (to be understood as something akin to etiquette) is reflected in the law" (which is presumably why the US Constitution is a living and breathing document): truth has made place for fleeting 'norm' or 'consensus'. E.g. if the consensus has it, that children can have sex from the age of 12, then so be it. Once the law says it's okay, hey presto, having sex with children as of the age of 12 is no longer immoral. Here we have in a word, why 'consensus' is taking such a central place in the relativist narrative: it is the moral arbiter. In dictatorships the tyrant dictates law which equals morality: Corporal Hitler would have been proud!

Since years of rubbing shoulders with relativists and subjectivists has as yet to result in any fruitful interaction - and isn't likely to yield any in the foreseeable future - I tried to shake the challenger off with a few generalities about time constraints. As said, fruitless. Their dogma and self-righteousness compels them to attack objective thinkers whenever and wherever they may find them. More importantly, what really set him off were my claims in defense of Christian ethics against the onslaughts of n oxymoron: a liberal, moral dictatorship. That could not stand!

Another exposé on the nature of morality as a group subjectivity, hit my In Box the next day, pressing upon me what is in essence the fascist narrative of polylogism. It enabled Nazi theory to see the fate of the German people as separate from other nations. But in the present case it's religious groups that may engage in whatever backward and appalling practice their faith may proscribe, as long as they don't hurt other people outside their tribe, or God forbid, animals. Apart of that, religions should have no longer have 'privileges' other than, say filatellist associations or boy scouts.

And was I aware, that apes and primates are actually very moral animals? And how could I say, that free will is at its root?! Free will is but an illusion in which humans are inherently caught up and is as futile as my claim that morality is about a choice between good and evil! I should know that  morality consists in the conscience ... (eh?) And since his morality isn't mine, how dare I claim my morality - what advances life is good, what abrogates it is bad - is objective! Death can be very beneficial to those suffering from it (life, that is).

Subjectivists live in a universe of their own making - quite literally. They are the masters of that universe but everyone else is a Narcissist! There's nothing you can tell them that makes any sense. See, they aren't seekers of truth, but ideologues with an agenda who interprete the world as it fits their narrative.

Free will must be torn out by the root, otherwise there won't be any victims fueling their dialectic world: a place propelled progressively forward by the struggle between the oppressors and their inequal victim groups (vintage Hegel and Marx, the essence of progressivism).

The state must usurp the place of God at the center of the universe. If the Government is the moral arbiter between unequal groups that are forever at each others throats, it renders them like children, for always dependent on the Government for goodies and hope of peace.

Animals on the other hand, must be fitted with a sense of morality if they are to claim any rights! Since in this approach morality is 'social convention', I suppose you could call it 'morality' of sorts. At least admits in animals this doesn't involve a conscious choice. Expect apes on trial next, for the murder of smaller animals! Just like in the Middle Ages when a pig was famously put on trial.

Truth and reality do not exist. Good and evil do not exist. The lie does not exist. There's just fleeting, temporary perception. Morality is state-mediated consensus.

Through the falsehoods at the root of their thinking, the result is ever the opposite of what they claim to achieve. "We love culture so much", one shrieked once, "that we think retaining ones culture should be a human right!" And they proceeded to throw them in the great multicultural witch's cauldron, and out came Balkan balls and sectarian goulash!

Higher education now produces no specimen of humanity, other than the one whose reality we just peeked into. The divide between the two philosophies on the nature of the universe and human thought is now so huge and so fundamental, that it's hard to think of one subject where the two aren't at the very opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. If anything, the gap is widening ever further.

The subjective side has now amassed all ingredients the fascists and National Socialists had at their disposal, save a sense of personal victimhood and a culture of militarism: pragmatism, group subjectivism (polylogism), passion and emotions as cognitive tools (anti reason), collectivism, a denial of truth and objective reality, the negation of good and evil, law equals morality, anti capitalism and anti individualism, and a end-justifies-the-means mindset.

In "The New Totalitarianism That Dares Not Speak it's Name" we introduced Professor Ernest Sternberg's publication, "Purifying the World: What the New Radical Ideology Stands For" into the mix of arguments. It is an investigation into the merging of Leftism and Islam. Sternberg explains that the Left has largely refrained from serious violence because they see their religious terrorist comrades as proxies. The target is evidently Western cultureas a whole, with the United States and Israel as the primary targets.

The onslaught continues.


Obama has said Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization for killing innocent civilians racist, because they do not advance the careers of blacks in the ranks of the terrorist organization. Is it any wonder we're dog's breakfast! Morality, anyone?


- "Why Multiculturalism Is Racist and Evil"
- "The Power of Ideas"
- "2009: Reintroducing Class Justice"
- "The New Totalitarianism That Dares Not Speak it's Name"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How the Dutch Establishment Defused Geert Wilders

Slowly but surely it's becoming clear how the Dutch elite, commonly referred to as 'the regents', led by Her Majesty and her chief advisor, the all powerful Vice President of the Council of State, 'Vice Roy' Herman Tjeenk Willink (in truth an ordinary socialist, career politician), have neutralized the election results in which the right wing liberal party (VVD) and Islam critic, Geert Wilders emerged as winners.

A majority right wing coalition with the Christian Democrates (CDA) was initially indicated, probably with the support of two minor Christian parties. But the CDA were the major losers in this election and assumed the role of modest bystander.

The CDA sports a vocal left wing, as well as a host of transnational progressivist elderly statesmen, of which Ruud Lubbers is a prime specimen. All vehemently oppose the Wilders agenda. The party declined to participate in talks. Seen in current light, this was probably part of the strategy.

- Caption: 'Vice Roy' Herman Tjeenk Willink -

Labour leader, Job Cohen had been spreading memes even before the elections that the Wilders agenda is "touching the edges of the rule of law". Which is a chutzpah, considering it's the postmodern 'regents' in the Justice Dept., the judiciary and in the multicultural, red/green cabal that is appointing them, that are a clear and present danger to the rule of law. Present story is a typical example of their anti-democratic, authoritarian mindset.

But facts and reality are irrelevant to these people. They are obsessed with their own subjective reality, the narrative they've constructed in which Wilders is a fascist and an enemy of the rule of law. This also helps explain, that while Public Prosecutors declined to procecute Wilders for "group offence" (insulting Muslims), a special anti-discrimination Court found reason to go after him nonetheless.

The socialist 'Vice Roy' is playing a central role in the controlled detonation of the Wilders explosive device. The key to this drama was recently discovered by a republican blogger (Hat Tip: Naar De Knoppen). An article entitled "The Constitutional Coup of State" on weblog ProRepublica states:
The answer lies in the last sentence of para C1 of Tjeenk Willink's advice to Mrs Van Amsberg (Her Majesty's common name). On the basis of this advice the head of state ordered Messrs Rosenthal (the Liberal party negotiator) and Wallage (the Labour negotiator) to form a government with the parties referred to as Paars+*.
The secret is summed up in one short sentence: 'The countersignature on Parliamentary initatives are to be refused if the principles of the democratic rule of law, the international position of the Netherlands, or basic financial policies are at stake.
The Government can decline signing a Bill into law, even if it has the support of the majority in Parliament.(...) >>>
*Paars+ consists of a political immorality, enough to make Ayn Rand spin in her grave. It consists of the right wing Liberal VVD, Labour, and 2 more junior, red/green left wing parties. It's a horror cabinet in which the leftist bloc can easily neutralize the rightist austerity agenda.

The author of the article is obviously a fierce critic of 'Mrs Van Amsberg' and the cabal surrounding Her Majesty. He or she is asserting that "just about every subject" is covered by the three conditions summed up in the advice. I beg to differ. This is clearly a device solely meant to neutralize Wildersian initiatives.

The "principles of the democratic rule of law" is referring to international treaties and human rights covenants. Wilders wants to deport criminal immigrants and possible also citizens of foreign descend. He has also proposed an immigration moratorium for Muslim countries.

"The Internatonal position of the Netherlands" is in reference to recent threats by Jordan to prosecute Wilders and demands for explanations from other Muslim entities (my suspicion is the powerful OIC is also playing a role in the current prosecution of Geert Wilders). Dutch exporters in the private sector have also been quick to ditch liberty for sausages and dairy produce.

The final condition, where "basic financial policies are at stake" is even more sinister. Is there a Keynesian cabal as well at work, meant to undermine the right wing austerity program? Just what is going on here?

This isn't over. Not by a long chalk!


- Hudson New York: "Dutch Establishment Rejects Election Results", by Thomas Landen

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