Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Answer to Nazis! is More Nazis!

Thanks to the feigned outrage today in the British Uberlefty newspaper The Guardian, another proud Conservative initiative is producing a flurry of activity on Twitter and the blogosphere: the Young Britons Foundation (YBF), presided over the EuroMP Daniel Hannan of last Saturday's Tea Party UK's fame.

The way the Left is dealing with this activism on the Right is wearing increasingly thin. It starts with moral outrage and condemnation, firmly placing the causes of these groups ethically beyond the pale, you know - as in "swastika toting astroturf" and "climate change deniers".

The article purportedly dug up the YBF's Chief Executive, Donal Blaney idenfying the foundation as "a Conservative Madrasa" that radicalises young Tories. If he did so, that was ill advised at worst, but we don't know if the article's claim is actually true. Stop Press: statement is traced back to Conservative commentator, Iain Dale, who's pretending to be angry he's not properly credited by The Guardian (already tweeted him that it was pretty stupid handing the ammo to the angry and smug).

Apparently it's next to criminal to ... describe the NHS as "the biggest waste of money in the UK", claim that global warming is "a scam" and to suggest that the waterboarding of prisoners can be justified. Life is hard among the terminally selfrighteous Left!

While Blaney also stands accused of having said that protesters who trespass ought to be shot down by the police, this statement is later modified to Blaney having said: "start with water cannon and if that doesn't work, maybe crank it up a level or two". Perhaps it's no coincidence this is right on par with Wilders' fanthom declaration that "soccer hooligans ought to be shot in the knees", which also can't be traced back to an event in real life.

Anyway, these days the Left, experiencing intense fear, panic and deranged hatred is considered a sign of real progress. Their existential angst and disproportionate hatred of Conservative women has completely given the game away. The Left's squeals and contortions like vampires to garlic are in equal measure to the Right's success. So keep it up, guys!

I see my fellow "immediate past" packmember, Bloghound  Charon QC is also on the case. He beat me to it, but that's just because I hit the pillow at 3.15 this morning. In "The Next Stunt – A Tory ‘ Madrasa’… a Madrasa? Mon Dieu!" he lays a bridge to that wonderful Mel Brooks comedy "The Producers" (1968 version, 2005 version), that spawned the hilarious act "Springtime for Hitler".

We need to deal with the Left's Nazis, Hitler, fascist, racist, extremist, radical, angry mob tags and Charon QC may have hit on the right answer. We'll work on that one. Every so often the solution turns out to be humor.

The reason The Guardian can spin their diatribe at length is because Tory leader David Cameron stubbornly refuses to pivot on his copying of, first Blair's Labour, and now the Obama campaign. You could have knocked me down with a feather when it transpired last night that Cameron actually hired the Obama PR Czars, Anita "Mao Tse" Dunn and Bill Knapp for TV debates with Brown. What's next? Plouffe Axelrod and Rhambo Deadfish for fake charismatic Tory postmodernism? (don't be surprised if it actually happened!)

Despite the Brown Labour Government being wildly unpopular, Cameron still stands a good chance of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, e.g. still losing the upcoming general elections by a narrow margin. As we have seen in America, the winning ticket is the Party of No, No to Big Government, and not promises of more of it, as Cameron's campaign implies. The Guardian makes the aim of the article crystal clear:
The links are likely to be deeply embarrassing for the Tory leader, David Cameron, who has pledged to make the NHS his top priority if he becomes prime minister and has attempted to present his party as the choice for green voters. The Conservatives have also talked tough on torture, with the shadow foreign secretary, William Hague, saying torture "helps terrorists justify their hostility to us".
With May 6 as election day looming, the UK is on a disaster course. In the face of so much ill aimed energy we can do with the likes of the Young Britons Foundation. At least we'll have the consolation to know that a firm cohort is on the horizon of real, 'radical' Tories who'll cling to Liberty, with God and guns to back it up.

- Young Britons Foundation Website
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USA Today: "Brits' campaign backfires in Ohio

Here's more on the Left's tactic of move-the-Left-to-the-center-by-pushing-the-Right-to-the-extreme-right. They've lied and manipulated so often, they've completely lost sight of what is objectively true and what is manufactured perception:

NPR: "Top Republicans: Yeah, We're Calling Obama Socialist"

"(...) You have to identify something and label it so you can talk about it," she says, "and 'socialism' is a good scare word. I'm so tired of this politically correct crap," Gosney says. "If it's socialism, let's call it that. If not, let's call it something else (...)"


- "Rules for the Right
- "London Calling

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