Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Turkish Capacity for Chutzpah

In a recent entry on the Articles file "In Defense of Liberty" we brought up the matter of a Dutch Parliamentary delegation headed for Turkey running into trouble, because the Turkish Government refused to meet with Geert Wilders, a member of the party. It's just become official and to his honor, the Socialist leader of the group has cancelled the tour altogether.

The Turkish Government kindly confirmed for us a number of 'preconceptions' we are allegedly laboring under. For one, true to tradition and in a fit of psychological projection, they're blaming the other party. Secondly, that they are not mature enough to join the EU. The Muslim sense for solidarity trumps objectivity every time. And get this! It's not them who are intolerant, but Wilders, the xenophobes, the Dutch, the Swiss, the Islamophobes, the fascists!

The Erdogan Government's top EU negotiator Egemen Bagis just commented on the Swiss anti minaret plebiscite. (N.B. Switzerland is not an EU member state.) He's advising rich muzzlemen to remove their pots of gold from Swiss banking paradise and place them on Turkish halal banks: that'll make the Alpine fascists see the error of their intolerance!

He went on to state that Turkey easily meets the EU requirement of respecting minorities. Yeah, ask the Greeks, the Armenians, the Assyrians, the Kurds, or any other former subject of the Ottoman Empire or of the current secular state! Your jaw hitting the pavement yet? There's more where that came from.

Yassin Musharbash writing in Germany's Der Spiegel makes an argument which truly defies all logic. He's asserting that the rationality behind the often heard demand for Islamo-Christian reciprocity is bizarre! (By the way, has anyone heard anything of late about the Pope's talks with 138 Muslim clerics?)

- Caption: Head uncovered, Patriarch Athenagoras prays before the overturned altar table of the destroyed Panagia Church in Belgratkapi. (Photo by Demetrios Kaloumenos) - Hat Tip: My Greek Odyssey -

It's false equivalence, says Yassin Musharbash in his Spiegel article, because ... as we all know ... Christians in Muslim countries are indigenous, while Muslims in Christian countries are not! Makes all the difference, right?! Of all false arguments this one fairly takes the cake!

Specifically noteworthy from a revisionist view point is:
"As Islam spread from Saudi Arabia, the number of Christians dropped as many people converted to the new religion. Forced conversions were the exception; many sought the tax benefits that came with being Muslim. Today, of course -- primarily on account of massive exoduses -- there are relatively few Christians in the Arab and Muslim world, perhaps only a few percent. Even Bethlehem no longer has a Christian majority.
Let me translate that for you. As Mohammed's conquering hordes swept through Christian lands, Christians heartily and voluntarily converted to the new "religion of peace". The choice of death, conversion or jizyah never came into it. (It's the first time I've seen it described as a "tax benefit".) The entire arrangement was so successful that said converts - again entirely of their own free will - exited Muslim conquered lands en masse. That's why there are now only few Christians left in the Arab world, including Bethlehem and quite a few other locations in the Dar-Al-Islam ...

Turks truly are the champion producers of chutzpah. It fairly takes your breath away.


James Higham said...

When one starts with a lie, then all sorts of constructs follow to bolster it up and going on the offensive is a natural consequence.

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