Sunday, September 20, 2009

Geert Wilders and the Rag-Head Tax Plot

During the debates that mark the beginning of the Dutch Parliamentary year Geert Wilders once again had his opponents enraged to the point of breaking blood vessels and generally getting their multicultural knickers in a twist.

What's he done now?

Well, he's proposed a rag-head tax ... eh what?

That's a tax on head-scarves. Here's an article on the site of Dutch International Radio. You can read Wilders' entire speech for Parliament here.

- Caption: Ottoman revenue stamps (Crete) - 

Wilders proves once again to be a clever politician while his opponents appear to be in a permanent state of collective psychosis induced by postmodern outrage (feigned, or otherwise). Wilders on the other hand, has laid his ambush with patience and care. 

He's probably preparing more of the same, only to turn the table on the political correctness brigades at the last moment, possibly at the height of the campaign for city council elections early next year.

Special taxes is the sort of measure in the time honored tradition of the Dar-al-Islam*. In the West it is now sadly forgotten (or whiped from our carefully sanitized history text books). Muslim conquerors were wont to give the vanquished three choices: convert, pay or die.  

- Caption: scene of a trial on Crete during Ottoman rule (1879) - 

Pay, consists of a tax called jizya, another discriminatory injustice, according to this wiki rooted in the prehistory of the Arabian dessert. Sadly, that doesn't explain why the conquering Turkish hordes did the exact same thing. The most bitter aspect of it is that the subjugated - in effect - financed their own defeat and occupation. That this practice still exists in the Dar-al-Islam is described in colorful terms in this article.

The Muslim conquerers were masters in thinking up methods to humiliate and oppress the dhimmis. The Greeks for example were forbidden to ride horses, because that would make them appear more impressive than a Muslim riding a donkey, and that would never do. The dhimmi must be kept in place. This was institutionalised in the Ottoman millet** system.

At present, development aid, subsidies and other NGO and Government sponsored programs benefiting the Dar-al-Islam may be construed as
a form of jizyah; appeasement of terrorism a non-monetary manifestation of jizyah.

Wilders also demanded from the Government to submit to Parliament a cost benefit analysis of migration policies over the last couple of decades or so. In a constitutional novelty the Government has refused to do so, justifying their Contempt of Parliament with the excuse that it is technically not possible to produce such figures. If the cost exceeds the benefit, that's also a form of jizyah.

Wilders, the clever man, is in stitches while the multiculti condemn his proposals as barbaric, uncivilized, fascist, racist, and what have you - only to be confronted with the fact that this is precisely what Muslims do to non Muslims living in what they consider to be "the lands dominated by Islam".

Go, Geert!

* The home of the Ummah (Muslim collective) is the Dar-al-Islam, the land that "belongs" to Islam. It was largely Christian before the conquests. Land that doesn't "belong" to Islam is the Dar-al-Harb, the land of war - that's us; until we submit that is, and become incorporated in Dar-al-Islam.

The millet system is explained quite well in this video about the Armenian genocide.


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