Monday, August 3, 2009

Rabid Racists!

This is getting an area of specific significance with the Postmodern Left. An avalanche of rabid racism is heading our way ...

As a matter of course the pomo linguists have taken a subject close to their own hearts (which we know to be a great many) and proceeded to craftily reconstruct the definition to almost unrecognizable proportions -

Almost that is, because they keep forgetting that language is not an end, but a tool to convey an objective meaning! You can change the labels, but that doesn't - as by magic - change the content of the bottle.

The traditional approach to racism can be summed up in the words of the Republican Dr Martin Luther King Jr. when he said that he dreamed of a day when "my four children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character". So far, so good.

The Left - in their advocacy of affirmative action (or the active redistribution of power) - have simply reversed the roles of victim and perpetrator. But that would still be racism, wouldn't it? Reverse racism!

So in order to make the fallacy stick, they added the previso that colored people are incapable of racism "because they have no power" (ask the current occupier of the White House). In this subjectivist book, only the white skinned portion of humanity is capable of racism.

Like all egomaniacal subjectivists the Left believe that everyone has accepted their perverted logic ... eh, 'narrative'. This enables Joan Walsh to write an article on Salon accusing Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh of racism and projection as they fear that they - as white men - will end up "on the bottom of the pile" as they would be, in the new and improved definition.

But Messrs Beck and Limbaugh's traditional approach to race relations means the very opposite. Non-discrimination means discarding melanine content altogether and judging a person by his actions, be he white, black, or purple, precisely as Dr King prescribed. And that is exactly what Beck and Limbaugh have been doing: criticising Barack Obama's radical policies and race baiting. (Shockingly, in an early interview we can hear Barry Obama throwing his own grandmother under the bus in quite overtly racist terms!)

The Left continue to practice reverse racism, declaring - whatever the 'messiah' does - is sacrosanct precisely because of the color of his skin. The entire evil edifice of multiculturalism is based on this racist notion. (Remember Sotomayor and the wisdom that is inherent in Latinas? Or was that attained through a specific experience of the group to which she belongs?).

What enables racism is group thought, or the logic of collectives. This is why it is next to impossible to maintain for believers in indiividualism, with its corollaries free market capitalism, limited Government and democratic values. Racism is nothing but a very primitive form of collectivism.

We now have a President holding the highest office, who has been elevated above critique and the normal control mechanisms of the democratic governmental system. The opposition is nudged into silence by hurling projections of racism at them, or by other politically correct means at the Democrats' disposal.

One work in progress is the Left's new, deconstructed role of the press in an open, democratic society. In the traditional approach the media's raison d'être was scrutinizing and bringing to attention the actions of those in power, as Limbaugh and Beck are engaged in. As far as the MSM is concerned, that role has now shifted to cheerleading.

We have already seen during the campaign that the Obama cronies are not above going after critics either on legalistic or moralistic grounds. This situation is not just a democracy unworthy, it is downright dangerous!


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James Higham said...

The Left continue to practice reverse racism, declaring - whatever the 'messiah' does - is sacrosanct precisely because of the color of his skin.

Precisely - in our discussions, racism doesn't come into it - only the issue at hand. With the left, suddenly, it becomes a bone of contention.

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