Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Fine Art of Agitation and Community Organizing

We've been collecting all these posts and publications over the last few days pertaining to the pseudo civil war currently being fought out in the US over health care reform; but on watching the last two broadcasts of the B Cast on Breitbart TV it all became obsolete. If you've missed what has occurred on the continent of Liberty, the next two Breitbart videos provide a pretty comprehensive overview.

While we've been commenting and updating on the Articles blog in "Ruled by the Mob", on second thought what is going on is even more nefarious than initial analysis warranted. We've got only this to add on the reflexes emanating from the White House.

Folks, we don't need to go down that path again - not in the nation that embodies the philosophy of Liberty. It's been well documented over the last two centuries how Utopias always turn into dystopias, always and without exception. That is because they are build on the principle that individuals have the dire duty to exist for the improvement of everyone else, instead of the other way around.

Christian Democrats and their ilk need to stop vilifying individualism, also in Europe: they need to understand that respect for the individual is our sole guarantee against tyranny!

Here' the White House's assault on Liberty again in its full, neototalitarian glory:

The WH Blog: "Facts Are Stubborn Things" (note: you'll be hard pressed to even find one "fact", apart of the present)

It occurred to me only this morning that there's a quote circulating from one of Orwell's books, asserting that it is just not possible to control an entire nation ("we can't catch all that breathless 'dizinformation' that's percolating on the Internet, all by ourselves"). Therefore what you need to do as Big Brother is find a way for the people to control themselves (help us flag our enemies and report to us).
The devil is in the moral twist - the narrative goes like this: dissent is a deliberate lie per definition; it is therefore unethical, yes -- even evil; therefore dissenters are the enemy of the good (their own intentions are above suspicion, indeed are "all for our own good")! The enemy - not grassroots, but vile "insurance companies, lobbyists, pharmaceuticals, Republican Party activists" etc. - must be flagged and reported.
It was a common experience in all Communist countries before the fall of the Berlin Wall, but it took the thoroughness of the Germans to take it to perfection in the German Democratic Republic (the GDR, or DDR, also known as East Germany). People suffer from it to this very day, as you can read in this article in Der Spiegel.

What you do is you take a great number of party members who're in some way beholden to it in some capacity, and you set them up as spies and informers. These spy and snitch on all the others for "ideologicial dissent", and since no one knows precisely who they are - they may be your best friend, or your son, or your own mother for that matter - nobody's trusting any one any more - the walls have ears ... As a result you have a self sustaining mechanism of perpetual and total control.

You can judge for yourselves how that might work. The 0-team may not have that intention for the moment, but neither do they have the moral compass that tells them that such activities are totalitarian and have no place in a liberal democracy. And that is perhaps the most worrying aspect.

"Democrats Rachet Up Rhetoric Against 'angry' Republican 'Mobs'"

"Rush and Rove Respond to GOP 'mob' Allegations"

Here are a few links for your reference:
Glenn Beck worked out months ago how manufactured news works:
On a lighter note:
Need a tune?
Know your unaccountable czars (the Supreme Soviet, or would that be the Politbureau?) and their ethics system in which people are numbers and statistics (note: group think, and the myths that sustain them). Figures and quotas have taken the place of individual human lives, ditched the notion that each live is of equal intrinsic value and moral dignity.
The "reasonable" alternative ... collective insurance:
The Bill (PDF of all 1017 pages of it) and here's a summary of some of the most contentious parts:
A few edifying quotes:
Just in case you're wondering whatever happened to our liberals, sorry - over the last eight years the Democratic Party kicked out that foreign implant and reverted back to the original school of collectivist postmodernism (read almost every other post in this blog).

Oh and just in case you believe you're safe with the WH's assurances, know that the Regulation czar is author of "The Nudge". This is what we jotted down in "The Pomo White House" just after his appointment:
Mr Nudge - Cass Sunstein - married to National Security Council Director of Multilateral Affairs, Samantha Power - has been nominated as Regulation Czar, but ... how to put this? ... there seems to be some controversy, but in the wrong department. The appointment of the "prolific writer" and inventor of "The Nudge" would place him eminently to do at which he excels: making people act in accordance with the politically correct ethics of the day.

Sunstein is an expert at inducing obedience in the unwashed with the use of psychological trickery - some generation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP, also known as hypnosis 2.0). The Obama campaign had Mr Nudge's signature all over it. In a later pamphlet he describes his latest thesis on group polarization (see also a number of entries on the file of "Big Brother's Smoke and Mirrors"). The relativist, hyper subjective mass manipulator would indeed come into his own as Obama's Regulation Czar - an amoral witch doctor on steroids. If appointed (and there's no doubt he will) his wishes to "litigate on behalf of animals" may well prove to be the least of our worries.
And for good measure, there's more where that came from! On the "Science Czar", another postmodern, anti human nihilist:
President Obama's Science Czar, John Holdren, took a controversial and amoral approach to the science of population by recommending mass compulsory sterilization and even forced abortion (and/or forced marriages) under certain circumstances. His 1977 tome, Ecoscience, which he co-authored with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, also displays a revealing disregard for the institution of the traditional human family. (...) >>>
Congrats, Obama voters, the real coup didn't happen in Honduras but in the US, right under your own adoring noses!

Update: breaking news on an agent provocateur ...

Breitbart: "FBI trained NJ blogger to incite others"

Here's the rest of what's on file on Articles in "The Pomo White House" -


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