Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today in Iran: updating throughout

- ..... RT @IranRiggedElect BREAKING NEWS: Plainclothes attacked Amirkarbir Univ Dorm: #iranelection

- ..... HI world news, u hear us? @ABCNews @CBSNews @foxnews @NBCNews @CNN @nicopitney @BBC RT #iranelection RT PLZ

- ..... After guards couldn't control streets around enghelab, they called for help and they sent 3 vans full of guards #iranelection

- Here is a list of solidarity rallies world wide, as compiled by Mousavi’s facebook page:

Iran: Everywhere-all day
Los Angeles: Federal Building- 7pm
Washington DC: Freedom Plaza- 6pm
Munich: Neuhauser- 7pm
Hamburg: Ganseuarkt- 6pm
Vancouver: Vancouver Art Gallery- 6pm
NY City: Washington Square Park- 7pm
Berkeley:UC Berkeley -6pm
Seattle: WestLake Center- 6pm
Boston: Copley Square- 6pm
Berlin: Breitscheidplat- 6pm
Denmark Odense: Munike Mose- 0pm
Toronto:Mel Lastman Square -8pm
Los Angeles:Federal Building in Los Angeles -5pm
Irvine: Jamboree & Barranca -6pm

- Los Angeles Times: "Protesters, officers clash violently in Iran's streets", by Ramin Mostaghim and Borzou Daragahi

Over 1,000 demonstrators gather in Tehran, continuing to protest the June 12 presidential election. Security forces fire tear gas and beat protesters. Many people wear masks to hide their identities. 

Reporting from Tehran and Beirut -- Violent clashes erupted today in downtown Tehran between more than a thousand determined young men and women chanting, "Death to the dictator" and "God is great" and security forces wielding truncheons.

The screams of a woman being beaten could be heard from nearby buildings, a witness said. Business owners could be seen hustling protesters into their buildings to shield them from plainclothes officers and anti-riot police who fired tear gas canisters. (...) >>>

- Tehran Bureau: "Udates from 18 Tir" (July 9)

On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at noon (US Eastern) “I just spoke to my friend who was there. He didn’t want to speak on the phone, so I just asked him: “On a scale of 1 to 10 , 10 being the worst, how bad was it?” and he said: “7″.

The other thing he said was that there were a lot of people around the university where he was, there was tear gas everywhere, and two basij militias badly beat the guy right in front of him (blood and everything), but that the guy was helped by those around him. The two militias ran away though before anyone could get to them.

Apparently there were basij militias scattered beating the heck out of people with batons and then running, but there were no gunshots heard. (...) >>>

Here is video update Part 28:

You can find them all on this YouTube channel


- ..... ppl and basijj clash@Enghelab square ppl outnumber basij by 10 to 1-Clashes@Tehran Univ & Vanak Sq-ppl joining Imam Hossein Sq 2 Enghelab Sq

- ..... chants are more radical this time: "Death to Khamenei" #iranelection

- ..... Protests mutating to urban street fights in side streets.

- Bloomberg: "G-8 Condemns Iran’s Crackdown, Shies Away From Sanctions Threat"

Group of Eight leaders condemned Iran’s violent crackdown on protests against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s reelection, while avoiding the threat of sanctions. The G-8 statement, following President Barack Obama’s trip to Moscow to “reset” ties with Russia, illustrated the difficulty of winning Kremlin backing for new steps to isolate Iran. (...) >>>

- Reuters: "Iran won't back down "one step" in atom row"
... Let's build some confidence then, say G8 to Iran regime, currently cracking skulls in Iranian cities ... 
- ..... Tehran-streets leading to Enghelab full ppl at least 8to10 thousand...all clapping and sign of Freedom fingers #iranelection #iran #gr88

- Heavy Clashes near Azadi Sq. at least 3 people get shoted by Sec. forces...#iranelection

- ..... This news spreads so fast(still unconfirmed):"Police(not IRG) fire at Basiji militia.#iranelection

- ..... Basij forces mercilessly beating people. In Shiraz Basij and Police force suddenly stormed by protesters #iranelection #iran #gr88 #tehran

- ..... #iranelection Guardian Council admitted the electoral result tactic of "Blatant Theft" has not reaped the benefits they had hoped for

- Mousavi expected to appear at Mosque in Tehran this evening - have no other details. #iranelection


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