Friday, July 10, 2009

Tehran Senenade ... "Iran: The Rooftop Project"

One of the most compelling elements of the continued uprising in Iran has been when each night under the cover of darkness Iranians chant themselves hoarse from the rooftops, balconies, and windows of their homes. This is done to express resolve, hope, frustration, and probably more than anything else, to provide a way that people can be together in spirit and in their cause. As long as the sound of voices echoes through the night, Iran is not yet free. It is the soundtrack of revolution.

This is meant to be the most complete possible collection of recordings of nighttime protest in Iran since the beginning of the uprising. (...) >>>

Here's just one example recorded July 3.

An oppressed people can get enormously creative in finding ways to express themselves in the face of brutality. It reminded me of the small acts of defiance in Europe during Nazi occupation.

But a certain evolution can be discerned in the chants. The one recorded last night - July 9/18 Mir has a quality of almost desperate audacity. Watch and hear the entire collection at


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