Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lifting the Veil in Tehran

In the last couple of days three reasons have been on offer by the MSM for the lack of action on the part of the Obama Team:

1. That Mousavi and his party are not the liberal heroes many make them out to be.
2. The risks involving the support of one Islamofascist party over another.

3. To be vilified, like his predecessor Bu$Hitler, for meddling in 'Islamic' affairs.

While it is very hard for sure to test the political waters in the country, an agnostic stance suspending support of freedom may well soon prove an ever greater risk. How many oppressed can one afford to deposit "under the bus" without being perceived as losing moral highground?

Bloggers on Pajamas today are posing rightful questions: "Obama, Iran and the ongoing saga of the liberal reactionary" and "Memo to the Left: How About Redirecting the Rage and Scorn?", subtitled, "Murderers of peaceful protesters deserve at least as much outrage as Bush and Sarah Palin, don't they?"

With regard to the murky political waters - aside clear evidence of mullah infighting - some light is also shed today in an interview on Front Page Magazine. Jamie Glazov talks to Iranian journalist, democracy activist, and leader of Marze Por Gohar Party (MPG), who seeks the establishment of an secular republic in Iran.

Front Page Magazine: "Iranians’ Cry For Freedom"

(...) This movement is quickly surpassing the Mousavi issue and raising various demands of the people in the streets. Mousavi is much too slow and much too reluctant to lead this forward since it will jeopardize his behind the scenes negotiations and even challenge the whole system.  Perhaps one reason that Obama is reluctant to openly support this movement is that it has gone beyond the predicted and simplistic victory of the “election” process. (...) >>>

At the UN meanwhile, transnationalism also scored another moral victory: General Assembly President Miguel D'Escoto sent a message of congratulation on Thursday to Ahmadinejad, extending warm greetings on his re-election. D'Escoto is the former Foreign Minister of Communist Sandinista Nicaragua and a former Catholic Priest who advocates Marxist-oriented liberation theology. He's the winner of the Soviet Union's Lenin Peace Prize. 

- Caption: "Axis of Evil" - Hat Tip: Iran Press News

Pajamas: "The Seven-Point Manifesto of the Iranian Resistance"

The following document, known as the Seven-Point Manifesto, calling for the resignation of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, has hit the streets of Iran. Hundreds of thousands of copies have already been circulated throughout the country. A copy was sent from Tehran to filmmaker and activist Ardeshir Arian, who has translated it for Pajamas Media (...) >>>


Making the most of Twitter ... filtering disinformation:

Twitspam: "Fake Iran election Tweeters"

The tweeters shown below are possible fakes accounts and may have connections to the Iranian Security apparatus.  Do not re-tweet anything from these accounts.  (...) >>>

And finally for the day ... for what it's worth:

The Independent: "Robert Fisk: Secret letter 'proves Mousavi won poll'"

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