Friday, June 19, 2009

Twitter's Finest Hour, the SMS's Worst

The MSM's effort - like CNN's - to uphold the perception of balanced reporting is simply pathetic!  As if it's a case of two equal choices! They are actively legitimizing Ahmadinejad's most outrageous extremism: the price of the position that all views are equally valid (except the West's, which is uniquely evil).  It renders the postmodernist helpless in the face of perdition. Poor world, that is in their hands!

While initially there wasn't much to choose between the two candidates  (Mousavi's history (link in German) is no more enlightened than Ahmadinejad's), it has become quite obvious after the rigged election that supporting the latter is an affirmation of the status quo, i.e. the continuation of theofascism, holocaust denial, rabid antisemitism, oppression in every sense of the word, diplomatic deceit, Shia Islamic supremacism, and in all likelihood, nuclear war!

Apparently the uprising doesn't fit conveniently the O Team's agenda for parley either. Yesterday we saw there are three main excuses making the rounds for their fence-dwelling.  The main one is "not to provide the regime with a justification to point the finger at the West for instigating the revolt". But the mullahs will do that in any case! And so what! Mousavi may not be the epitomy of liberty, far from it, but regime change may be a good start to get out of the current nuclear collision course!

The Democratic Party likes to be seen walking the path of righteousness, expressing feigned moral outrage at the drop of a hat, but it would have suited the illustrous O'Team to unreservedly side with liberty, than to suspend judgment on the basis of a false concern and a blatantly erroneous philosophy.

In the latest news it's reported that we're heading towards crunch time in Tehran! Today the streets have been quite, but tomorrow main opposition leaders and students are expected again out in force. The Beardman in Chief fired a shot across the bow today, signalling an end to toleration

In the American position in the situation, John McCain today criticized the Obama administration for its refusal to speak out in support of the protesters. The huge contrast in philosophical persuasion has not been this plain since Obama came to power! The House condemned the crackdown.

Died today: Ralf Dahrendorf (photo)

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