Saturday, February 14, 2009

Liberty be Damned!

The current ones in power may very well be the first generation that makes a clean break with the time-honored nonsense of passing the world on to the next cohort as you found it, having preferably somewhat improved on it.

They may have corrupted their children, put their parents in human warehouses for the elderly, but say what you will - the boomers have very well taken care of themselves. Hence on it's pretty much après nous la déluge (or, after us the diluvial) in the theofascist collective that they are leaving us (all for our own good, of course).

Large chunks of present blog have been taken up by investigations into the causes of the treacherous default mind set of the boomer generation. Presently in power, having done their damnedest to erase history, they are now leading us into the brave new world of neo-totalitarianism after all.

For a while things looked pretty dicey, National Socialism having proved a non-starter and Communism dying of a silent implosion under its own weight. But the onset of mass migration and the violent death pangs of an exploding Islam offer fresh hope of establishing a total state yet on the smoldering ashes of the hated Enlightenment philosophy of individual Liberty.

Freedom be damned:

Should you want to watch Fitna again, here's the link.

And here you can read the entire Geert Wilders' speech, that he would have delivered to the House of Lords, hadn't he been barred from entering Britain.

Read all about the view upon the brave new neotot world on Shona Darress's Notes, from an email she just received from Germany on the dangers of the delusion that it is possible to compromise with evil. You can't, because you will always lose: the good has nothing to gain from evil.

The notion that you can appease it, is equally false. This has the effect of strengthening the fanatics and leaving the moderates in the lurch: you reach the opposite of what you hope to achieve.

But it gets worse. Read here how the West is funding its own subversives, in this case through transnational corporatism under the banner of 'diversity', corporate 'sustainability' and 'responsibility'; amusing how business is using the Marxist and Postmodern dialectics to their advantage.

Michael Ledeen has interesting observations about Socialism and Fascism as management models and in how far these systems have been implemented in recent times in guises, other than we historically have come to know them. Some of the commentary is worthwhile perusing. Freedom be damned! "We Are All Fascists Now".

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