Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Geert Wilders: Let Them Eat Grits! (update)

He's made up his mind and will definitely travel to Heathrow tomorrow for a confrontation with the weak, pusillanimous Labour Government that's holding on to dear power by a thread.

Wilders cannot lose. The British authorities can nothing but lose.

Either they give him a pass and they look pretty much like the Metropolitan police -- foolish and ineffectual; or they lock Wilders up and the world will know them as politically correct traitors to liberal democracy.

There's a third possibility. CBN News veteran, Dale Hurd who interviewed Wilders last year, thinks the Brits won't make the fatal mistake of jailing Wilders: "No, I don't think the British will arrest Wilders, but it certainly looks as if they may block his entry".

The defender of liberty for his part cannot wait to find out just how cowardly they are. Wilders - who for years hasn't been able to move without security detail - has drawn energy from the British stance - he's more determined than ever before.

Protests by the Dutch Government to date have had no effect. Dutch parliamentarians usually share some of the ambivalence towards Wilders' critique of Islam: the postmodern contempt for truth, disregard for facts, and a need to unquestioningly throw their weight behind minorities, no matter how wrong or downright evil they may be, all willingly sacrificed in the service of the blanket belief that compromise is the panacea for all of the world's ills.

But now the censorial British position has rekindled the rebel in the Dutch national character: Parliament is behind Wilders to a man! Hurray - the spirit of Cartesianism is animating the low lands once again.


Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rotherham was just interviewed on Dutch television. He wanted to share the following narrative with the viewers (intelligible excerpts only) (we'll not insult anyone's intelligence by pointing out the obvious irrationalities):

  • There are also Christian and Jewish fanatics, whose unlawful deeds are never associated with their religious beliefs;
  • Wilders is lumping the pieceful religion of Islam with its fanatics;
  • Wilders is indicted in Dutch Courts for inciting racial hatred;
  • What! Wilders hasn't even arrived yet and already Lord Rotherham himself has been at the receiving end of threats uttered by the fascist British National Party (BNP);
  • Wilders has been invited by Lord Pearson (whom he respects), who left the Right wing Conservative Party to join the UK Independence Party, which has strong support of the fascist BNP (no lumping intended);
  • He never called upon 10,000 Muslims to bar Wilders' entry to the Houses of Parliament; Lord Ahmed's lawyers will sue the magazine that falsely alleged that; he just knows there will be no one outside Parliament when Wilders will not arrive because his authorities will not allow Wilders to enter the country;
  • Fitna will do nothing towards an intellectual debate, so why show a film he himself is not going to waste time on seeing?
  • The two Muslims scholars who have been invited to join the debate actually aren't Muslims at all, but people who take Islam out of context and attack Muslims;
  • Wilders is lumping Islam with people who do terrible things that Muslims are against;
  • Asked whatever happened since Salman Rushdie's right to free speech was guaranteed by the state, Lord Nazir requests an answer to the question whatever happened to his right to exercise the freedom of conscience without being insulted or provoked?! This has no place in modern Europe;
  • Nobody wanted to talk to (the Austrian politician) Haider because he said awful things about Jews; there are many Christian and Jewish fanatics who are never lumped;
  • We are to rest assured that his authorities will send Wilders back to where he came from.
The anchor wrapped up the interview with the scrap of news that British Midlands - Wilders' carrier of choice - has a strict policy not to take passengers on board who have been declared unwanted by the British authorities. So we are not to be surprised if Wilders doesn't even get off Amsterdam airport.

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Help this man out! JD.

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Keep an eye out for Lord Nazi's sentencing on February 25th.

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