Friday, January 23, 2009

This Week's Madhouse: Wilders, Winter, Failed Philosophy

There seems to be an epidemic going on within the Postmodern West, in which valid and factual criticisms of Islam, made by politicians like Susanne Winter in Austria (bottom update) and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands are being outlawed as per the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) demands. The following question to our political leaders imprints itself on my consciousness:

Is progress temporarily suspended until Eurabia has managed to catch up with the rest of humanity, or is it your intention to keep the backward course until we've actually reverted to a level of development, on par with the pre Enlightenment age?
Our position, that the Amsterdam Court of Appeal's decision this week to prosecute Geert Wilders for - in short - insulting Islam, is encouraging the forces of chaos and radicalism, is almost immediately vindicated by today's news.
In the meanwhile relativist thought does its destructive work on the souls of the people on West Street. What strikes me in TV interviews and polls is that ordinary people have taken up a position as if Wilders' point is, to willfully and spitefully hurt poor, ordinary Muslims, either out of cold, electoral calculation, or because 'he just hates Muslims' (much like the Left hate George Bush and Muslims hate Jews).

It's as if it's just Wilders' hateful character, and that he might just as easily have swapped his perverted, vicious opinion for a warmer and fuzzier one, had he not had such an unpleasant, fascist personality. Do you see what's happening here?

It is almost as if it's a matter of civility, of etiquette. That is the result of the relativist position that denies the existence of objective reality. Everything is taken as filtered and tainted by the subjective, personal perspective.

The followers of this philosophy believe that the result will be, respect and tolerance for each and every position (the sole exception is made for the white, male 'power structure's narrative, which is uniquely evil). And reality being what it is, to appreciate it all, means to love none. In effect, it is the philosophy of Nothing that once again at some point in the foreseeable future, will end in human drama.

Over on Pajames TV Michael Ledeen in "Faster Please" has a fascinating interview with award-winning milblogger Michael Yon. They talk about the War on Terrorism and recent developments in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Netherlands is one of the coalition countries presently entrenched in Afghanistan. It is this small country's heftiest mission since the Korean War. But the national narrative looks at the Afghan undertaking almost entirely in terms of development aid. The highly trained military are seen as glorified development workers, commonly referrred to as 'soldiers'.

While the Russians have been denying the coalition access to infrastructure to assist operations in Afganistan, only this morning Yahoo!News report that the ice is thawing: "Russia sees its relations with NATO improving and wants the military alliance to succeed in Afghanistan, to reduce the regional threat".

The Taliban meanwhile kept busy blasting their way backwards through time by blowing up four boys' and one girls' school in Pakistan's scenic Swat valley. It's no reminder to the Dutch public in general that the failed state of Afghanistan, if left unchecked, can still be a major threat to the region and the world at large.

Other than the Troofers' version of events, no lessons were taken from 9/11. So these occurances in the tribal regions do not trigger any correlation being drawn between failed states and flying bombs in the capital of Capitalism.

A consequence of waking up to reality is having to deal with unpleasant facts, something that would never do for the ever 'personal realization' driven hedonists of the late counter-cultural revolution.

As for Iraq, that Bush-neocon disaster nobody wants to talk about anymore since the highly successful surge, Yon explains how the most explosive region - Al Anbar province - has proved to be key to the pacification of the entire country. The marines, rather than being IED'd to pieces, are now actually bored to death.

And on a lighter note, Yon is going to serve Troofy film manufacturer Michael Moore with a lawsuit pertaining to copyright infringements.

Who could have thought that life amongst the atoms and molecules would be that hard?!


And of course - how embarrassing - the initiative to support Geert comes from the US ...

The Flaming Blog: "Support Geert Wilders"

The Flaming Blog is proud to present this site in order to help raise money for Geert Wilders, the Dutch parliamentarian being prosecuted for his outspokenness about the dangers of Islam and the Islamisation of the Netherlands and all of the west. Wilders is being prosecuted by his own countrymen, being called an extremist, a xenophobe and all other sorts of names while the true extremists and hate-mongers exist right under their noses. The Flaming Blog offers its full support to Geert. On this site, you will find tee shirts that will help raise awareness of Geert's plight and the plight of free speech in the West. All of the proceeds go to Geert's defense fund. We must stop his prosecution and the destruction of his party, the Dutch Freedom Party! (...) >>>

Also ... a Theo van Gogh design (left) - Theo, who already gave his life for freedom!

The International Free Press Society: "Policy Statement"

In recent years - and in particular since 9/11 - freedom of speech has been shrinking throughout the world. This is true not only in countries where this most basic freedom has been tenuous at best, but increasingly where it was first conceived and long enshrined: Europe, the United States and other countries where Western ideas of liberty have taken root.

It is time to confront and reverse the forces, both internal and external, that are now arrayed against free speech, time to organize not just locally and nationally, but also globally in recognition of the common danger imperiling all free societies. The sole purpose of The International Free Press Society (IFPS) is to defend freedom of expression wherever and by whomever it is threatened. (...) The stakes in this battle could not be higher. (...) >>>

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