Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Voice of Liberty at the Price of Peanuts

Our friends Elizabeth Crum, Duane Lester and Andrew Riley at All American Blogger today let the cat out of the bag ... and they have a request.

This is a great cost-efficient grassroots project and the guys are only $250 shy of what they need for equipment and software to produce 24/7 conservative radio: News, Rock and Talk ...

All American Blogger: "RFC Radio Is Coming, February 16th"

We at All American Blogger are part of a new project aimed at bringing the conservative community a little closer. On February 16th at Noon Eastern time, RFC Radio will begin broadcasting a 24/7 stream of News, Rock, and Talk for the online conservative community.

RFC Radio stands for “Radio For Conservatives”. Our mission is to improve the distribution of conservative news and entertainment. We aren’t going to be “fair and balanced”, and we’re not going to be a shill for the Republican party.

We are conservatives, and RFC Radio is all about the conservative movement in America. RFC Radio will bring you regular news updates that will keep you up to date about what’s going on in the conservative blogosphere.

We’ll also be broadcasting great conservative talk shows from some of your favorite online conservatives. (...) What we all have in common is a love for our country, a love for freedom, and a love for liberty. And that is what RFC Radio is all about.

In order for us to make it happen, we need your help. This is absolutely grass roots. The people behind this are not rich. We don’t have corporate funding, we don’t have political party money, and we don’t have a billionaire like George Soros pulling our strings. (...)

If we could fund this ourselves, we would do it in a minute. But we just can’t afford to do it without help. The cost to get our project started is more than we can manage without some assistance from you. (...) >>>

So please, chip in for a great cause!


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