Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Waking Up To Islamization: Two Islam Films Hitting Screen

Is the liberation of Islam coming from America? Will the American ethos of self-government save the religion from itself.

Experts have said it for some time now, and we heartily support the premise: it is up to Muslims to liberalize Islam, to turn it into a force for the good, instead of using it as an ideology and a vehicle for religious conquest.

The hero of the day is the narrator of the film"The Third Jihad", Dr Zuhdi Jasser, an American and a devout Muslim. Watch his statements here in an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News!

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In the Netherlands today a second movie, critical of Islam hits the screens.

It's made by a young Dutch-Iranian Labour politician and Muslim apostate, Ehsan Jami. Like the other outspoken Islam critic, Geert Wilders, Jami is under constant threat by radical elements.

The Dutch Government keeps dealing spasmodically with anti Islam films. As with Geert Wilders' film "Fitna", embassies are being fortified, politicians and appeasers are crying foul before they've even seen the film, and security services are working 24/7 to update their risk analyses.

Ehsan Jami doesn't consider the movie anti Islam though. In the documentary Jami 'interviews' an anonymous actor, who plays the role of the Prophet Mohammed.

The Dutch MSM, still very much focussed on the traditional 'old media', were giving Jami initially a hard time getting his film screened. He had planned it to go into premiere on Human Rights Day, but the television broadcasters backed down. Today it will hit the screen in The Hague at the International Press Center Nieuwspoort.

It's up to Muslims how they will deal with the artistic critique: the first from within, the second by an apostate. Will almost certainly be continued ...

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